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du leverages Actility’s ThingPark Wireless core platform and Cisco programmable Internet Of Things gateways for LoRaWAN based Smart City applications

du becomes the first company in the Middle East to launch LoRa IoT Network proof of concept to support Smart Dubai Initiative

After successfully testing the Middle East’s first Internet of Things (IoT) network, the Dubai-based telecom operator du has showcased real life applications that will make UAE cities Smart.  The demonstrations, held at Gitex, featured du’s live, low power, long range (LoRa) IoT network, based on Actility’s ThingPark Wireless™ core network server and Cisco IoT gateways.

du used a wide variety of LoRa’s Smart applications, demonstrating the network’s ability to revolutionize the way UAE residents interact with their surroundings – and better manage city resources. Furthermore, working examples of geo location capabilities were showed, which pin point any asset with a Smart sensor countrywide. These can track movement, support personal SOS alarms or provide info on who has entered or left a building.

The demos also showed LoRa’s unique cost saving capabilities. As cities become Smart, billions of sensors will be placed in everyday objects to share information across the UAE. The LoRa network offers a low power alternative to connectivity, adding years to the battery life of sensors countrywide – making huge long term savings.

Cisco’s Gateway uses Semtech’s LoRa chip to create a platform enabling easy deployment and rapid expansion of IoT sensors and end-devices. The sensors and gateways are piloted by Actility’s ThingPark Wireless™ core network server. The LoRa platform is a bidirectional wireless solution that complements M2M cellular infrastructure. It enables the deployment of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks and thus provides a Long Range and low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to the network infrastructure. It also helps to improve the battery lifetime of end-user devices, while minimizing signal interference. The result is a network ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) enabling low power M2M applications such as metering, security, asset tracking.

Its low power and long range capabilities mean LoRa can be deployed in a wide variety of situations: smart metering, inventory tracking, vending machine monitoring; automotive industry, utility applications, street lighting, waste management, load sensing of bridges, signaling, smoke detection and traffic control.

Olivier Hersent, Chairman and CTO Actility, said “Our collaboration with du on this project is really valuable to both companies. This roll out of a LoRa Network based IoT Pilot is a first step of our strategy to increase our footprint in the UAE together with our partner Cisco. We truly believe our technology will bring disruptive services in any verticals of this market.”

Carlos Domingo, Senior Executive Officer, New Businesses & Innovation, du, said: “We’re proud to be leading the way in bringing Smart City capability to the UAE. Working with Cisco and Actility, who share our passion for innovation, we’re confident we have the new breed of network required to help the UAE become a global Smart City leader.“

Andy MacDonald, Vice President, Global Service Provider Business, Cisco, Middle East & Africa, said: “Today, network development has entered the era of things; large-scale application of wireless sensor technology connects every corner of the city. Cities can collect all types of data from sensors, measuring sound, temperature, light, energy, carbon dioxide concentration, and even traffic changes.” 

“The IoT/IoE will continue to push cities to adopt the most impactful digital applications and services, catering to the citizens and improving the quality of life. This is why we commend du for once again taking the lead in furthering Dubai’s Smart City vision.”

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