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Join our Webinar: The technology of LoRaWAN and 3GPP LPWA for the internet of things

Actility is pleased to invite you to a webinar exploring LPWA technology solutions!

In this webinar, FontOlivier Hersent, CTO and founder of Actility, compares 3GPP and LoRaWAN connectivity technology for the Internet of Things. The presentation is aimed at senior technology managers in telcos, IoT infrastructure vendors and industry verticals such as smart buildings or agriculture. Olivier will delve deeply into the technology and market requirements and present a market segmentation and technology map to reveal how the complementary 3GPP and LoRaWAN LPWA solutions can best be used alongside one another.

The webinar will be offered in two time-slots, for the convenience of our global audience:

June 16 – 09h00 – 09h30 (CET)

June 16 – 17h00 – 17h30 (CET)*

Join us! Please fill in the form below and receive an invite by email:

Looking forward to welcoming you on this webinar!

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