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Meet Actility at the ETSI ONEM2M workshop in Nice Sophia Antipolis

Actility will be showcasing demos and presenting on the role of ETSI M2M platforms in connecting sensor data from Low Power Wide Area(LPWA) networks.

From December 9 to 11, Actility will be speaking and showcasing demos at the ETSI/OneM2M workshop in Nice Sophia Antipolis on  the value of having a standards-based core application platforms. 

Actility’s CEO, Olivier Hersent will be speaking on a key trend ‘Using ETSI M2M Based Low Power and Long Range Networks for Smart Energy Applications’. Actility’s experience is based on its ThingPark Cloud platform which connects multiple RF networks including LPWA networks (Low Power Wide Area networks). The ThingPark Cloud platform can connect sensors across multiple verticals (smart parking, energy efficiency, smart home devices) and present a single standards-based REST api to application developers. 

For gateway vendors looking into a middleware solution to embed into their devices which would convert popular RF technologies such as Zigbee into the standard ETSI M2M data model, Actility has provided the Cocoon interworking middleware which can run on any standard linux platform. You can learn more about ETSI M2M driver development, REST API development and scalability in Actility’s online video channel in ETSI M2M.

For more on the ETSI/ONEM2M showcase please refer to the following website:

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