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RFI Engineering launches carrier-grade modular LoRa® Base Station

RFI Engineering, a global provider of smart technologies in a world where billions of devices are active, connected and locatable, announced today an easy to deploy outdoor LoRa® base station.

RFI Engineering’s main LoRa base station characteristics:

    • Ruggedized modular design: 1, 2 or 3 LoRa® radio’s
    • GPS and 2G/3G radio’s and antenna’s on-board
    • Multiple VLAN & VPN support
    • LoRa® smart client localization support
    • Web interface for local & remote configuration
    • Remotely configurable and OTA software upgradeable
    • Default “customer” configuration during production
    • Pre-integrated with Actility’s ThingPark™ Wireless solutio

The base station’s superior radio performance and flexible configuration can reduce costs for both rollout and operation of a radio network. The ruggedized modular design means the base station can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 LoRa® radio’s.

According to Olivier Hersent, President and CTO of Actility, “We are delighted to welcome a new partner like RFI Engineering, with over a decade of experience in manufacturing wireless outdoor equipment. RFI base stations are supervised directly through the ThingPark OSS back office. This allows for customers to benefit from a fully integrated experience. The integrated solution is available for private and public networks.’

Ivo van Ling, CEO and CTO of RFI Engineering, says: ‘The design, VLAN & VPN support, external RS-485 interface, total cost of ownership, and the availability of the smart client localization support of the new carrier-grade LoRa® base station creates a whole range of new opportunities for operators.’
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