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South Korea’s Dreamline is the first partner to join Actility’s ThingPark Business Accelerator Programme

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Dreamline (CEO Hyung-suk Kim) has signed a business collaboration with Actility, a global leader in LPWA network infrastructure and service platforms, and announced that Dreamline will launch an IoT (Internet of Things) business.

Dreamline will build a nationwide IoT network powered by Actility’s ThingPark platform.In future, Dreamline aims to provide both the network and solutions for a wide range of IoT services.  Major services include gas and water telemetry, equipment management (remote monitoring, control and tracking), location services to protect the elderly and children, and infrastructure (road and tunnel) monitoring.

Dreamline is also the first partner to take advantage of Actility’s ThingPark Business Accelerator programme, which harnesses Actility’s global experience of enabling LPWA networks to speed the intital deployment and commercialisation of networks for new network operator partners. 

“The ThingPark Business Accelerator eliminates the bottlenecks that impede customer success,” explains Actility’s Von Cameron. “We can help develop a strong business case, foster and manage a broad component ecosystem, define proper network configuration, spearhead deployment with “ready-to-go” use cases, and support ongoing operations – all in a fraction of the time and money it would take to leverage a cellular or traditional IoT network.”

Dreamline is a telecommunication service provider with a nationwide optical fiber cable network in South Korea. It provides private lines, Internet lines, and internet telephony services to major domestic companies. Actility is the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), powering almost half of all large-scale and national LoRaWAN networks worldwide. ThingPark by Actility offers a carrier-grade IoT platform, with a growing ecosystem of partners. Actility also offers a B2B e-commerce market featuring tested and approved IoT device, connectivity, and application partners, which will be leveraged by Dreamline in the Korean market.

“Dreamline expects to be able to provide a stable IoT service by signing a business agreement with Actility, Dreamline is planning to transform from a fixed-line operator to a wired and wireless operator through the development of the IoT business. ” Kim Hyung-suk, CEO of Dreamline “We’re excited to be working with a company like Dreamline, which is going drive innovation in the business model of IoT networks, and we welcome our first partner to take advantage of our ground-breaking ThingPark Business Accelerator.” says Actility CEO Mike Mulica.
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