Actility acquires Abeeway, creating a world-leading portfolio of location technologies

Actility acquires Abeeway

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Actility acquires Abeeway, creating a world-leading portfolio of location technologies

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Actility CTO Olivier Hersent (centre left) welcomes Abeeway founder Florian Sforza (centre right) to the Actility team (Photo: Éole – – for Actility)

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) today announces that it has acquired Abeeway, the geolocation system specialist. By combining Abeeway’s patented location software and innovative products with the power of Actility’s ThingPark platform, the acquisition will give Actility a best in class portfolio of IoT location services to support service providers and IoT solution vendors across a wide range of industry sectors. The acquisition is Actility’s first following a $75m. fundraising round supported by new and existing investors, which is intended to enhance its technology portfolio and accelerate worldwide growth.

“We’re seeing massive demand for location-aware IoT solutions from industry,” says Actility CEO Mike Mulica. “We’ve been rapidly developing our ThingPark Location platform to deliver powerful tools to service providers and our customers in the tracking ecosystem. As a long-time partner with Abeeway, we saw great potential in adding their patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology and expertise in tracking to the capabilities of our ThingPark platform. This combination offers game-changing geolocation capabilities from an accuracy, speed, power consumption and TCO standpoint. We’re creating an IoT location platform that will enable a revolution in the logistics and supply chain sector. In fact, we think that geolocation and tracking are potentially the killer app for the whole of the Internet of Things.”

Abeeway is already a market leader in tracking devices offering on-demand geolocation, movement alerts or geofencing. These trackers use GPS signals to determine their location, but energy-efficient LoRaWAN communication to pass that location to a tracking application, so in comparison with trackers using cellular networks, they offer much longer battery life. 

Since the first LoRaWAN tracker was presented by Abeeway in 2015, Abeeway has continuously improved IoT tracking solutions, developing the first patented low power GPS (A-GPS for IOT) as well as data fusion to optimize localization & power consumption.

Major players have already selected Abeeway products such as the Master Tracker and Micro Tracker. Becoming part of Actility’s rapid growth will allow us to leverage their market leading LPWA platform and global reach to satisfy the massive market demand for IoT location use cases. Abeeway products will also continue to be available for every LPWAN network.

Florian Sforza

Abeeway Founder

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The unique advantage of our platform is its ability to serve a huge variety of use cases by combining different location technologies including network-based TDoA location, GPS and A-GPS, Bluetooth beacons and wi-fi “sniffing."

Our customers can optimise their solutions to precisely match the requirements of their target use cases.

Olivier Hersent, Founder and CTO


The key innovation developed by Abeeway, providing a powerful competitive advantage to Actility location services, is an assisted GPS technology specifically optimized for LoRaWAN, which allows fewer satellites to be used for a fix and reduces the GPS lock time to a few seconds. The power required for both GPS signal acquisition and processing is reduced: this combination results in a dramatic increase in battery life, by an order of magnitude versus existing GPS location technology.

“We’re delighted to be bringing the Abeeway team and portfolio on board to pioneer this next evolution of IoT technology. Together we’re going to create a truly revolutionary global capability for the next generation of IoT solutions” concludes Actility CEO Mike Mulica.

ThingPark Location services will be accessible through APIs, which, coupled with the bidirectional capability of the LoRaWAN link, will allow developers to manage geolocation according to the needs of their application. For example, in an asset tracking and theft prevention scenario, the application may use low-power consumption network-based location to “geofence” a vehicle, raising an alert only when it strays outside a defined area. But if the vehicle breaks through that geofence, then the application can request regular GPS-based location updates to enable the vehicle to be traced in real time and recovered.

Actility & Abeeway on track to connect runners thanks to LoRa technology

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Actility and Abeeway on track to connect runners thanks to LoRa technology

Paris, 23 September 2016: On Sunday, thousands of runners will take part in the famous Paris-Versailles race, a 16 km long trail starting at the Eiffel Tower and finishing at the Versailles Palace. Among them, a group of pioneer connected athletes will be tracked and their vital signs monitored along the way thanks to LoRaWAN technology. 

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and Abeeway, specialist in geolocalisation have joined forces to connect the race using innovative trackers, advanced mobile LoRa gateways, and prototype LoRa-connected sports watches.

A team of 15 Actility runners will carry an Abeeway tracker with them which is able to detect where each runner is at each given moment on the course, which runs along the banks of the Seine in Paris and then through dense suburbs to Versailles. The progress of the race can be followed on this website: created by Abeeway. The coverage and LoRa network are provided by Actility. The LoRaWAN low power wide area network, technology makes tracking runners possible by allowing the tracker, which is no bigger than a car key, to pass data to the gateway over a long distance while still consuming very low power.

“LoRaWAN technology is nowadays used for a large number of services in the city, optimizing day-to-day functioning of companies, governments and citizens”, said Olivier Hersent, founder and CTO of Actility. “Tracking of objects is one of the most used services in industries and public spaces such as airports and ports. But of course, it also comes in handy for more entertaining activities like sporting events”!

“The Abeeway micro-tracker is an ideal product for tracking applications that require low consumption and unlimited messaging. The application allows us to follow the whereabouts of these trackers with great precision throughout the whole Paris-Versailles race. We are delighted to collaborate with our partner Actility on this project”, added Florian Sforza, CEO of Abeeway.

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