LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting 2019: Celebrating Milestones and Showcasing LoRaWAN Roaming

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LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting 2019: Celebrating Milestones and Showcasing LoRaWAN Roaming

July 3, 2019 | written by GABOR POP

On June 11 to 14, the LoRa Alliance held its most important annual All Members Meeting event in Berlin. As always, it was a great opportunity to meet, discuss, and network with one of the largest tech ecosystems in the world. 

LoRa Alliance AMM Actility banner

This year, the Alliance achieved some incredible milestones that strongly contributed to position the LoRaWAN technology as one of de facto technologies of the IoT Market:

(1) Surpassing 100 LoRaWAN operators across more than 140 countries

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(2) Finalization of the LoRaWAN pre-testing tool which allows fast-tracking of certification processes

Per usual, the event took place following two parts. It dedicated the first two days to committee works: technical, marketing, and certification. The technical committee focused on finalizing the 1.0.4 version of the LoRaWAN standard. Meanwhile, the marketing committee developed a new marketing strategy based on a vertical approach of the IoT market. It was great to see the interest, involvement, and hard work from committee members. 

Moreover, the event  highlighted the live open house event on the third and last day. This was where LoRa Alliance members and participants were able to showcase their products and solutions and meet visitors. 

Finally, the Open House welcomed 500+ people and featured a mix of business and technical tracks. Additionally, more than 30 members of the LoRaWAN ecosystem also showcased their latest products and solutions during the event.

Talks from the experts and LoRa Alliance recognition

Actility and its partners presented an impressive line-up of speakers in both tracks.

Raphael Apfeldorfer talks about Actility-Idemia partnership for large scale device activation at the LoRa Alliance AMM 2019
Alper Yegin talks about Actility's ThingPark Exchange roaming hub at the LoRa Alliance AMM 2019

Raphael Apfeldorfer (left), Advanced Technology Director at Actility, gave a presentation about the Actility-Idemia partnership for large-scale device activation. Meanwhile, Alper Yegin (right), Director of Standards and Advanced Technology Development, gave a talk about how Actility is enabling roaming through the ThingPark Exchange peering hub. On the other hand, Birdz Veolia explained how they are deploying 3 million LoRaWAN water meters in France, based on an Actility-supplied network. Schneider Electric also presented their brand new connected electric panel that they are selling in multiple countries using the ThingPark Exchange roaming platform. 

LoRa Alliance awards Alper Yegin Lifetime Achievement Award

On another note, the LoRa Alliance presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Alper Yegin at the at the event. This was to recognize his valuable contributions to the LoRaWAN standard and the LoRa Alliance’s growth and activities over the past years. In relation to this, LoRa Alliance CEO and Chairperson, Donna Moore, said that 2019 is the strongest year on record due to the rapid growth of mass deployments with LoRaWAN networks having been established in over 140 countries worldwide. 


In the spotlight: LoRaWAN roaming and a neutral hub

Although the event addressed many different topics, the key highlight was roaming. With network providers implementing the LoRaWAN Backend Interface, more and more operators are establishing roaming agreements, whether it’s point-to-point or through a roaming hub.

The Actility ThingPark Exchange roaming hub, specifically, has achieved a critical volume of operators, with more than seven large European operators already onboarded. Currently, they are serving solution providers who will deploy LoRaWAN products in a multi-country environment.

Because the Actility roaming hub supports the latest Back End interface standard, it is automatically compatible with any LoRaWAN network server (even if they are not powered by Actility) and operator, making it the first truly neutral and live LoRaWAN roaming hub on the market.

“The first truly neutral and live LoRaWAN roaming hub on the market, already serving multi-country clients.”

With this in mind, Actility had the pleasure to host two exceptional partners in its booth – Schneider Electric and Idemia.

LoRa Alliance AMM Actility Booth

Schneider Electric demonstrated its brand-new Electric Panel of the Future, which they are selling in several countries leveraging the roaming hub. On the other hand, Idemia exhibited its full integration with the Actility ThingPark Activation service, which provides secure service activation and over-the-air personalization of LoRaWAN sensors.

Meanwhile, another Actility strategic partner, ST Microelectronics, showcased its implementation of firmware-over-the-air update using Actility ThingPark FUOTA. In the coming months, any device based on STM32 will be able to benefit from this feature. This solution leverages difference-based update for 10x compression.

For Actility, it was definitely an incredible event that highlighted the significant growth of the ecosystem and provided a good avenue to meet with existing clients and future partners. Looking at this, LoRaWAN is clearly scaling voluminously with its business rising in all regions, as the recent announcement from Clickey also proved. 

The next  LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting will take place in New Delhi, India mid-October 2020. We hope to see you there!

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Actility honored at the Élysée Palace

Remise du Pass French Tech à l'élysée par Mounir Mahjoubi

The Actility Blog

Actility honored at the Élysée Palace in recognition of hyper-growth status

Remise du Pass French Tech à l'élysée par Mounir Mahjoubi

On Monday 24th September, Actility CEO Olivier Hersent received an award on behalf of the company at a prestigious event at the Élysée Palace in Paris. Presented by Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, the award acknowledges and celebrates the hyper-growth of Actility.

The “Pass French Tech” for the 2017-2018 class brings together 107 companies from three sectors including digital, industry and health. The government-based program was launched in 2014 to provide networking, administrative and other professional support to hyper-growth companies like Actility.

Speaking about the award, Mr. Hersent said: “To be recognized by the French government in this way is a huge honor. We have worked very hard in these eight short years, so to be recognized as a hyper-growth company and receive the significant support of French Tech has been vital to our global success. We look forward to continuing this important relationship.”

Take the Pulse of the Fast West with Deloitte France’s Tech Awards

Deloitte Tech Fast 50

The Actility Blog

Take the Pulse of the Fast West with Deloitte France’s Tech Awards

Technology 50 West Awards

As 2017 is drawing to an end, we’re well into the business ceremonies season! Last month, I was representing Actility as the incumbent Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2017 EY France awards. On 9 November, we were back in the spotlight with the Technology Fast 50 West French award.

The event organized by Deloitte and In Extenso aims to award companies in Western France that achieved the highest growth rate over the past four years. This third edition of the Awards gathered 65 local businesses from all kinds of industries including Biotech, Science, Energy, Greentech, Internet and Telecoms etc with the number of industries set to grow in the nearest future.

“The participating companies all have great and beautiful ambitions. They contribute to the development of our territories,” said Alexis Levasseur, Western Region Leader, Deloitte France.

It was an honor to have been nominated alongside OptiMarché and Akeneo.

“The West region shows a promising economic dynamism, which attests to their attractiveness to investors,” commented Patricia Braun, Présidente d’In Extenso Innovation Croissance.

gus Take the Pulse of the Fast West with Deloitte France’s Tech Awards

The entertainment highlight was the performance of the French illusionist GUS!

One can only look towards the future with excitement as Western France aims to become a world-class start-up accelerator with Rennes as its beating heart.

Key moments at the EY France Start-up of The Year Awards Ceremony 2017

EY France picture

The Actility Blog

Key moments at the EY France Start-up of The Year Awards Ceremony 2017

EY France picture

Here I was again at the prestigious Salle Pleyel for the 25th EY France Entrepreneur of the Year awards ceremony. Participating this year was Christophe Barbier from L’Express, Arnaud Le Gal from Les Echos and Jean-Francois Royer from EY as Master of Ceremonies, accompanied by a band playing pop standards and a couple of entertaining breakdancers.

After the makeup session, as is required before going on the brightly lit stage, I met with the EY hosts, who were interested in hearing about the latest in LoRa news and Actility, a year after being bestowed the Startup of the Year award. I was happy to inform them that the technology-centered standard alliance meeting that we have created is taking place this week in China and I also used the opportunity to present our new tracking devices that locate objects around the world.

After our brief discussion, I had the honor of presenting Evaneos with the 2017 Startup of the Year award. Evaneos provides a great website service where travelers are connected directly to local travel agents. Another moving moment of the night was undoubtedly when the award for the “Prix de l’Engagement Sociétal”  was presented to “Les P’tits Doudous”, an association that helps children in hospitals. A truly great story.

Yet another worthy moment of note was awarding the “Prix de l’Entreprise Familiale” to Sodebo—three sisters who have successfully been running a business they inherited from their parents. One of their most notable ambassadors is the famous sailor, Thomas Coville, who holds the world record for the “du Tour du Monde à la voile en solitaire et en multicoque” (sailing solo in a multihull around the world). His boat is sponsored by Sodebo.

One of the key highlights of the night was the presentation of the Enterprise of the Year award, which went to Octave Klaba, of the OVH Group. This is a great story about a young engineer who came to France from Poland without knowing the language. Truly inspiring.

The memorable night ended delightfully over cocktails.

Actility’s meteoric rise to global leadership in IoT recognized by EY “Start-up of the year” Award

Actility logo

The Actility Newsroom

Actility’s meteoric rise to global leadership in IoT recognized by EY
“Start-up of the year” Award

Unique leadership combination of US business expertise and French technology vision establishes Actility as the No.1 startup in France.

Paris, 18 October 2016: Actility CEO Mike Mulica and Founder and CTO Olivier Hersent marked another milestone on the company’s journey from innovative Breton start-up to global leader in carrier-grade IoT solutions when they accepted the EY French “Start-up of the Year” award. This achievement recognizes the company’s success on a global scale, not simply in Europe. As an essential partner of well over 1/2 of all full nationwide LoRa networks announced globally to date, Actility’s carrier-grade solution represents the gold-standard around the world.

“Our business has accelerated dramatically in the last year”, said Olivier Hersent at the awards ceremony. “Global carriers and innovative network operators are looking for the best solution for large scale LPWA IoT networks, and they’ve found it in our ThingPark platform. Now the world  can clearly see that we are the leader in carrier grade IoT networks, we expect our footprint to grow even faster, with new network partners coming on board monthly. We are seeing  applications on very large scale deployed.. The era of trials has come to an end; the era of IoT transforming businesses wholesale is finally beginning.”

There are two factors driving Actility’s dash into pole position in the race to make industrial IoT a reality. Technology leadership, personified by Olivier Hersent is one; an “all-in” passion for doing business is the transformational ingredient brought by the appointment of US high-tech industry change catalyst Mike Mulica as CEO.

“There are no sectors anymore,” says Mulica. “We’re not only engaging with carriers and network operators. We have a seat at the table with some of the world’s largest tech companies; the names you all know in enterprise technology, and innovative global company is helping them figure out how to do business in the internet of things.”

“Between us, Olivier and I are determined to make sure that Actility becomes the worldwide success story, the undisputed leader in the Internet of Things, that we know it can be. Today we’re very proud to be leading the French Start-Up of the year. Next year, thanks to the outstanding combination of French innovation and US “can-do spirit,” we want to be able look back at this as the moment Actility went global.”


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