Cisco Live in the city of lights!

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Cisco Live in the city of lights!

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Cisco Live is Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. This year, Actility sent two hands full of their crew to support its very own booth at the edition in Las Vegas, running from 25-29 June. Over 28000 partners and customers attended the event and benefited from a curriculum of more than 1,000 sessions offering unique opportunities to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills on innovative technologies.  Cisco Live is a five-day immersion in sessions and specialty programs on numerous topics including, of course, IoT. It is a chance to see and be seen by suppliers and customers, to see and deliver demos, to explore and assess the latest solutions from all markets and meet the industry’s top vendors.

For Actility, this event was a tremendous success. The LPWA market in the US is just getting traction and now is a fantastic time for us to position ThingPark™ as the leading Network Server in that space. We come back fully energized and rich from the experience. We realized we were capable of grabbing real attention from visitors. The attendees interested in IoT and in connected objects were drawn to our booth, impressed with the possibilities Actility’s ThingPark delivers and the power of LoRaWan in the LPWA landscape.

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We spent our days evangelizing. Our booth focused on Smart City solutions, as our market analysis tells us this is the ‘low hanging fruit’ in the US.  We had numerous devices to demo on our booth, such as a Smart Streetlight powered by Flashnet, a Smart Parking solution with our partner PNI, a SmartBin waste management solution, the ever-popular connected mousetrap and others focused on that vertical market. And our biggest hit was our live shuttle bus tracking demo, powered by Actilitys’ ThingPark and Abeeway™ tracking devices and using Cisco IXM gateways. 

Cisco used seven gateways, of which four deployed indoor covering the entire convention center and only three were necessary outdoors to cover the shuttle route on the entire southern part of the Las Vegas Strip. Cisco placed Actility’s Abeeway trackers inside the buses taking participants to and from the Convention Center and their hotels. And the demo was impressive! Shown on our booth as well as Cisco’s, and on the information desk in the lobby. We got people’s attention. Here is when we truly contribute to making people’s lives easier and smarter: using an app on their smartphone or public screen to determine the arrival time of the next shuttle bus between their hotel and the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, attendees could wait for their shuttle inside, and avoid waiting in the Nevada heats they had to last year!

The general theme of the event was Calling all Super Heros, You’re IT.  I can tell you, we brought our Super Hero, and his name is Gabor Pop! Each day Gabor had a 15-minute presentation, in which he introduced Actility and explained a use case. We chose Smart Parking, Tracking, Smart Lighting and Smart building.  His presentations stopped traffic, and guided people to our stand afterwards.  We played our cards well. We found new channels to help us bring ThingPark to US market, we found new customers, some with immediate projects, others we need to develop. With a complete team based across the US, Actility is invested and betting the US LPWA market will catch up to the Europeans and Asia/Pac. Thank you Cisco Live! We enjoyed playing, meeting many superheros, and winning new relationships!

Countdown to Cisco Live US 2017! Come see how Actility will ignite your IoT projects!

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The Actility Blog

Countdown to Cisco Live US 2017! Come see how Actility will ignite your IoT projects!

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By Magali Mitaux: Our theme is Smart City and UtilitiesA few facts have guided us in choosing this theme. We know today that half of the world’s inhabitants—3.6 billion people—live in cities, and it is growing fast. By 2030, 60 percent of the population—5 billion people—will be city dwellers.

The solutions to manage growing cities in ways that drive sustainable economic growth, while reducing pollution and safeguarding resources, are all based on IoT.

It is that simple.  IoT is the answer; all analysts agree, all reports confirm, all studies explain! Once you understand this, the next question is: “which IoT?” quickly followed by “how?”

How do you cope with rapid urbanization, alongside with the demands for quality of life, whilst providing new services that are resource-efficient and drive economic growth?  The answer is by connecting smart devices to the LPWA network. That answers the “which IoT?” question! To know more about the strength of LoRaWAN, I invite you to read the article in NETMANIAS.

Cities are the main source of global economic growth and productivity, and they account for most resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Urban development, therefore, matters to the wellbeing of all the world’s occupants and explains why we are focusing on these solutions at Cisco Live US (CLUS). Today, many existing solutions address these pain points, and we will be showing many on our booth in the IoT and Industry District, booth 4201.

Smart lighting

This is probably the smartest of all choices! Gartner says that smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy cost by 90 %! All cities should start with this as it optimizes energy savings, safety, and comfort.  We will have a demo of our device maker partner Flashnet on our stand, come see it!

Smart Parking

Studies show that 20% of cars driving in cities are looking for a place to park! Imagine an app on your phone telling you where the nearest parking space from your destination is. You could reserve it. Park. Pay for the parking with the app. This reduces pollution, reduced traffic and congestion, and enhances the user experience. We will be showing, on our stand, the smart parking solution from our partner PNI connected to the LoRaWAN network with Actility ThingPark.


Real-time urban travel solution – Navigate the city’s transit system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, service disruption notification at the most effective costs.  The Cisco Live attendees will experience this first hand.  Several shuttles, taking you to and from the event, will be equipped to enable the Cisco Events application, on your phone, to alert you when the shuttle is arriving. With LoRaWAN the ability to track at low cost is now possible. This solution is implemented with Abeeway trackers.

To find the response to the ‘how’ question, come see us! Actility can accelerate your Digital Transformation and ignite your IoT! Actility’s ThingPark Solution is at the heart of the LoRaWAN Cisco offer. Our experts are on our stand ready to wow you!

We are right next to the Cisco LoRaWAN booth! Come see us in the IoT and Industry District booth 4201!

World’s first LoRa™ Street Lighting Control Solution, Released by Flashnet, facilitated by Actility

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World’s first LoRa™ Street Lighting Control Solution, Released by Flashnet, facilitated by Actility

LoRa™ based street lighting solutions become a reality with the new inteliLIGHT® LoRa™ controllers which have been presented for the first time by Flashnet on Actility’s LoRaWAN network during the LoRa™ Alliance meeting in Paris.

Paris, 23 July 2015 – Actility, a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, announced a new addition to its fast-growing LoRaWAN-based IoT ecosystem.Following its earlier commitment to integrate the new LoRaWAN communication standard with its smart streetlight control system inteliLIGHT®, Flashnet has successfully presented and demonstrated the new inteliLIGHT® LoRa RF Controller.

Streetlight control today is usually performed through a general switch, either activated manually, on a time-based schedule or on a daylight sensor. This allows very limited flexibility, as the entire system is either on or off. This also requires night-time checkup teams in order to discover lamp failures and any other grid malfunctions. This may not be that complicated in a small city, but when more than 500.000 streetlamps in Mecca need to be managed, it becomes a real challenge. With a pre-integrated vertical control solution for street lighting built around Actility’s core network for LoRaWAN based Internet of Things, Actility and Flashnet hope to improve the central management of streetlights.

Smart streetlight control solutions bring a totally different perspective, integrating the existing lighting infrastructure with the newest communication, hardware and software developments and providing two major benefits. First of all, important energy savings are made, through selective on/off control and dimming. This means that some lamps can be switched off individually when not needed, while others can be dimmed to about 50% of their full capacity. This can reduce the overall energy consumption dramatically, with up to 80%, if combined with LED streetlights. The second benefit is a major maintenance cost saving through lamp and grid monitoring. A smart control system monitors several electrical parameters at lamp and grid level, anticipating and avoiding defects and providing accurate malfunction information to the technical department (detailed problem information, exact location). This eliminates the need of nightly ‘blind’ inspection and significantly improves repair times, bringing down maintenance costs with more than 40% while improving overall lighting performance. Based on thorough interoperability tests performed by Actility and Flashnet on the resilience and availability of the end-to-end solution, both companies hope to accelerate the roll-out of LoRa-enabled street lighting in Smart Cities across the world.

The inteliLIGHT® FRE-220 Luminaire Controller, presented for the first time at the LoRa Alliance members meeting in Paris on 9 and 10 July, was operated through the Class C LoRaWAN network provided by Actility and successfully performed the remote turning on, off and dimming of luminaires. InteliLIGHT® is already managing tens of thousands of streetlights worldwide, but adapting the system to LoRa™ communication standards is a world premiere.

“With LoRa™ and Actility, we have taken inteliLIGHT®, our already proven street lighting management solution, to a whole new level. By adding LoRaWAN to the current PLC and classic mesh RF communication solutions, we can now implement our system with minimal investment, having unprecedented reach and providing unlimited Smart City applications. It truly is a game changer”, has declared Mr. Lorand Mozes, CEO of Flashnet.

Besides the modern and attractive design, the new inteliLIGHT® LoRa™ controller is also extremely robust and provides unprecedented lamp-level functionality and intelligence, enabling individual remote management of any streetlight equipped with electronic ballast.

The controller also carries out independent measurements and analysis of different lamp electrical parameters (active and reactive energy, current, voltage, active and reactive power, power factor and frequency) and communicates all the information through an advanced synchronization mechanism, while any errors and malfunctions are reported in real time. The entire system is fail-proof and can function independently, even in the case of communication and/or power failures.

Also, while ensuring street lighting’s safe and fail-proof operation, inteliLIGHT® offers the possibility to keep the lighting grid powered during daytime, thus providing citywide continuous power supply availability for any additional equipment. This opens the door for countless smart city applications, from street lighting based EV charging to any smart city device controlled and sensors connected throughout the city – a true smart city platform based on LoRaWAN and inteliLIGHT® infrastructure.

More information

About Actility

Actility is an industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) large scale infrastructure with ThingPark®, the new generation standard-based M2M communication platform. Actility’s ThingPark Wireless® network provides long-range coverage for low-power sensors used in SmartCity, SmartBuilding and SmartFactory applications. (

About Flashnet®

Flashnet is a fast paced tech company that integrates the latest IT, energy and telecommunications technologies into hardware and software solutions, creating and implementing intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure. Founded in 2005, Flashnet is a leader in intelligent utility management systems with worldwide operations, also being one of the contributor members of the LoRa™ Alliance. (

About inteliLIGHT®

inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote management solution and smart city platform developed by Flashnet. In-depth grid management provides an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimization tools – up to 80% energy savings and 42% maintenance cost savings. inteliLIGHT® manages more than 80.000 lamp controllers today, in 10 cities around the world, being responsible for reducing the lighting energy consumption and corresponding CO2 emissions. (

About LoRa™

LoRa™, developed by Semtech, is a long range, low power radio frequency communication technology that brings the Internet of Things concept a step closer to large scale adoption in terms of technical capabilities and cost effectiveness. Its outstanding features: low power, long range, high immunity and spread spectrum are surpassed only by the ease of interoperability and the careful design of its security features.

About LoRa™ Alliance

LoRa™ Alliance is an open, non-profit association of members that believe the Internet of Things era is now. Its mission is to standardize Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) being deployed around the world to enable Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), and smart city, and industrial applications. (

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