Elevate Your IoT Sales: Unveiling the Power of ThingPark Market

Apr 2, 2024
10:00 CET, Paris (5PM SGT, Singapore)
15:00 CET, Paris (10AM ET, New York)

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Join us for an enlightening webinar designed exclusively for IoT sellers looking to elevate their market presence. Hosted by our esteemed Vendors Manager Marwan Madwara, and Catalog Manager, Miriam Pena Acevedo, this session will introduce you to the latest enhancements of new ThingPark Market. Discover the seamless integration of new features, catalog best practices, and the unveiling of a seller portal designed to maximize your sales potential and operational efficiency. This webinar offers practical insights into leveraging our platform’s latest innovations for your business’ growth.

Dive into the realm of opportunities that ThingPark Market presents, from intuitive design overhauls to advanced functionality tailored for seller success. Whether you’re new to our marketplace or an existing partner, this session promises valuable takeaways to maximize your selling experience.


Figure one

Welcome to the Future of IoT Selling

Setting the stage for a transformative journey into ThingPark Market. Discover the purpose behind the webinar, including an overview of what to expect and how it can catalyze your growth as a seller in the IoT space.

Figure two

Navigating the Frontiers: New ThingPark Market Revealed

Get an exclusive walkthrough of the marketplace’s frontend, showcasing the elegant design and smart categorization that enhances user experience. Get highlights of key updates like the microsite functionality, innovative discount strategies, and the streamlined quotation process that empower sellers like never before.

Figure three

Command Your Success: Mastering the New Seller Portal

Dive deep into the daily operations within the new seller portal. Learn how to manage orders, handle quotations, and optimize your product listings with new templates and best practices. Understand the pivotal role of shipping rates and how your microsite acts as your brand’s digital storefront.

Figure four

Strategies for Success: Empowering Your Seller Journey

Hear wrap-ups of crucial takeaways and actionable strategies to enhance your performance on ThingPark Market. Learn the importance of engaging with the platform’s tools and resources regularly to ensure your catalog and operations are at their peak.

Figure five

Interactive Q&A

The floor opens to address your inquiries, offering personalized advice and clarifications on leveraging ThingPark Market for your success. Gain access to contact information and how to schedule one-on-one meetings with our experts.


Marwan Madwara

Head of Vendors & Partnerships

Miriam Pena Acevedo

E-Merchandising Manager

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