Actility delivers ThingPark Enterprise to meet evolving IoT market needs

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Actility delivers ThingPark Enterprise to meet evolving IoT market needs

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27 February 2018: Actility today announces the release of ThingPark Enterprise, the most powerful and advanced IoT connectivity platform dedicated to enterprise applications. ThingPark Enterprise will enable industrial customers to transform raw data into insight driving smarter decisions with immediate business benefits.

“ThingPark Enterprise is a uniquely powerful solution enabling enterprises to secure their IoT networks, and connect and configure sensors and applications in just a few clicks. Customers will be able to manage data and route it to their chosen cloud platforms with a simple dashboard, and scale their network simply and rapidly to meet evolving business needs,” Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO explains. “We kept the customer central when designing ThingPark Enterprise. Our aim was to deliver a comprehensive end to end solution for dedicated enterprise connectivity.“

ThingPark Enterprise will be distributed exclusively by the Actility Channel Partners around the globe, responding to their customer needs in applications demanding very high security such as protected industrial sites or government services, in on-campus networks for predictive maintenance or factory automation, or in remote locations beyond the reach of existing public IoT networks.

ThingPark Enterprise provides a simple graphical user interface to create and operate a LoraWAN network and add further base stations to expand coverage and scale up. Onboarding additional devices or sensors is straightforward, as is routing sensor data to application servers, to popular public cloud providers including AWS IoT, Azure IoT, GE Predix or to advanced AI platforms such as IBM Watson.

“ThingPark Enterprise enables true IT/OT convergence with an industrial-grade software solution which has been designed to scale up with a reliable and sustainable approach,” says Grégory Guiheneuf, Marketing Director at Factory Systemes. “We have chosen to distribute ThingPark Enterprise so as to offer our customers a secured On-Premise LoRaWAN network infrastructure, totally agnostic from device and gateway makers as well as from service companies. Together with Actility, we are enabling our customers to unleash the true potential of digital transformation, and we are happy to partner for success in the fast growing Industrial IoT era.”

“ThingPark Enterprise provides a fast, easy and secure way for any enterprise to start using dedicated LPWA networks today. Based on open standards and continuously evolving, it is ready for the future,” concludes Actility’s Olivier Hersent.

“If you build it, they will come!”

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“If you build it, they will come!”

Unless you are a Baby boomer or Generation X, this may mean nothing to you! “If you build it, they will come!” Is a famous quote from a great movie of the late 80s called Field of Dreams. It’s a movie about baseball, the great American sport, and I imagine most Europeans have no idea what I’m referring to, even if from the right generation!

Actility has built it! We are launching ThingPark Enterprise at Mobile World Congress. ThingPark Enterprise is the most powerful and advanced dedicated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution. The making started a few quarters back with a vision, as in the movie, a vision in which few believed, and many were skeptical.  

We needed to arm ourselves with research and data. And we did a lot of research! The reports from Orbis Research stated the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) LPWA Connections were to Grow at a 206 Percent CAGR to 2021 and HIS Markit said LPWA networks are expected to make a significant contribution to the M2M and IoT ecosystem, with an estimated $23 Billion in service revenue by 2020. This told us which direction to go, and at what speed. And mostly researched you, the customer. By doing our own surveys, and analyzing reports from OVUM that state:

“By 2018 we expect to start seeing see significant numbers of LPWA enterprise contract awards and the proliferation of application use cases.”

Start small and you will grow

With this deep insight, we analyzed your needs. We concluded you needed not a connectivity platform, but a solution. A complete, secure, manageable solution, that would give you what you needed to improve your process, to facilitate your day to day, improve the services you deliver, help you manage your valuables, your assets. We agreed this had to be a cost-effective complete solution, which would include the hardware required, the software, the installation, the services and the support. We knew we had to make it simple, flexible, accessible. We took into account we had to make it scalable, as we know you will start small and you will grow. And that is what we did!

Think of your ThingPark Enterprise network in the same terms as your WiFi network. For certain objects, in certain places, connecting to public WiFi is best. And in other cases, you deploy your own WiFi network. We designed the user interface (UI) to give you a graphical view of your solution and enable you to drive data from each device independently, or in groups, to the applications of your choice.

Transform business, industries and processes

IIoT is what we do! Who better to build this for you? The Actility IIoT connectivity platform, tools, and fast-growing ecosystem enable customers to create solutions that transform business, industries, and processes. The ThingPark LPWA platform connects sensors gathering data to cloud applications on any scale. 

Our ThingPark Wireless LPWA platform is the most deployed solution in the world, operated by leading service providers offering public connectivity. ThingPark Enterprise responds to the natural evolution of the market, addressing the Enterprise segment, where public connectivity is not available or does not fit the requirements.

If you build it, they will come! We built it! and we deliver this to you via the Actility Distribution Partners. Your trusted SI will be trained and certified to help you start your digital transformation and bring you to the field of dreams.  We already have a few early adopters, and we look forward to having you join them.

Come see ThingPark Enterprise on our stand at Mobile World Congress in hall 8.0 C3. Our team of experts is ready to present the solution to you.