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Actility delivers ThingPark Enterprise to meet evolving IoT market needs

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27 February 2018: Actility today announces the release of ThingPark Enterprise, the most powerful and advanced IoT connectivity platform dedicated to enterprise applications. ThingPark Enterprise will enable industrial customers to transform raw data into insight driving smarter decisions with immediate business benefits.

“ThingPark Enterprise is a uniquely powerful solution enabling enterprises to secure their IoT networks, and connect and configure sensors and applications in just a few clicks. Customers will be able to manage data and route it to their chosen cloud platforms with a simple dashboard, and scale their network simply and rapidly to meet evolving business needs,” Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO explains. “We kept the customer central when designing ThingPark Enterprise. Our aim was to deliver a comprehensive end to end solution for dedicated enterprise connectivity.“

ThingPark Enterprise will be distributed exclusively by the Actility Channel Partners around the globe, responding to their customer needs in applications demanding very high security such as protected industrial sites or government services, in on-campus networks for predictive maintenance or factory automation, or in remote locations beyond the reach of existing public IoT networks.

ThingPark Enterprise provides a simple graphical user interface to create and operate a LoraWAN network and add further base stations to expand coverage and scale up. Onboarding additional devices or sensors is straightforward, as is routing sensor data to application servers, to popular public cloud providers including AWS IoT, Azure IoT, GE Predix or to advanced AI platforms such as IBM Watson.

“ThingPark Enterprise enables true IT/OT convergence with an industrial-grade software solution which has been designed to scale up with a reliable and sustainable approach,” says Grégory Guiheneuf, Marketing Director at Factory Systemes. “We have chosen to distribute ThingPark Enterprise so as to offer our customers a secured On-Premise LoRaWAN network infrastructure, totally agnostic from device and gateway makers as well as from service companies. Together with Actility, we are enabling our customers to unleash the true potential of digital transformation, and we are happy to partner for success in the fast growing Industrial IoT era.”

“ThingPark Enterprise provides a fast, easy and secure way for any enterprise to start using dedicated LPWA networks today. Based on open standards and continuously evolving, it is ready for the future,” concludes Actility’s Olivier Hersent.
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