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Midsoft and Actility Deploy Smart LoRaWAN Gas Metering in the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone

Press Release – February 8th 2022 – Paris, France

Midsoft L.T.D., a leading Turkish Industry 4.0 solutions provider, system integrator and an Actility Solution Partner, is deploying a large IoT project in the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOIZ, in Turkish “EOSB”), providing an IoT network to cover a large area of 32 km² and implementing wireless IoT solutions, starting with gas usage monitoring.  The infrastructure will include a private LoRaWAN® network based on Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise IoT platform, managed as OCP – on customer premises. 

Midsoft L.T.D. first began operations in the Eskişehir Anadolu Technology Research Park in 2016 and provides specialized IT solutions to companies and sectors. Midsoft specializes in ERP software and Industry 4.0 technologies and works with businesses of all sizes to meet their production process demands. 

An OSB is a kind of special economic zone in Turkyie, usually bringing together related industries. Midsoft works with EOSB on this project with the support of the Development Agency Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Kalkınma Ajansı (BEBKA), establishing together a ‘Digital Transformation Center’ to ensure energy efficiency and to accelerate global digital transformation of the site in an integrated manner, uninterrupted service will be provided to companies in KOBI, EOSB as well as companies in EOSB.

Eskişehir Organized Industry Zone is the second largest industrial cluster in Turkey, hosting over 550 different big and well-established companies, focusing on aviation and railway industries among others.

ECI map zone
Photo of Turkish industrial area

EOIZ also claims to be the most environmentally friendly industrial zone of the country, as it will be the first to use natural gas with a dedicated transformation plant supplying cheap, continuous and qualified energy to all hosted companies. In addition, EOSB took part in the implementation phase of the Turkey Green OIZ program. The aim of the Green OIZ Program is based on the principles of development and operation of eco-industrial parks (EEP) towards a more sustainable industrial sector-oriented development. Digital transformation will be the key step in this process.

Nadir Kupeli, chairman of the board of directors, and Erhan Tatar, regional manager, are happy to be leading this unique project. The EOSB-led Digital Transformation Center project will be the first in Turkey to encompass a whole industrial sector and will serve as a model for others. In this project, Midsoft and Acility are solution partners as system builders. With this project, the EOSB Digital Transformation Platform will be established in order to accelerate the digital transformation of industrial organizations, to ensure the dissemination of digital transformation practices in an integrated manner, to lead the determination of digitalization strategies, and to increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

The first phase of this project will involve full network architecture construction, then monitoring and tracking the gas usage of 100 companies in the industrial area using LoRaWAN-connected devices. The entire region will transform into a massive data factory that creates information in the coming stages, with this EOSB functioning as the data hub.

LoRaWAN technology was selected for this project to ensure a low total cost of ownership, advanced technical attributes, high security, flexible network deployment models, optimization of battery life and the ability to access a fast-growing ecosystem of other solutions.

The industrial cluster will be able to benefit from LoRaWAN solutions thanks to ThingPark Enterprise, which is specifically designed for enterprises, cities and industries: it’s simple, scalable, and easy to operate, and offers a unique low-power IoT communication infrastructure to enable an infinite number of Industry 4.0 IoT use cases.  ThingPark Enterprise comes preconfigured with a series of connectors to popular IoT cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cumulocity, Thingworx, and many more. 

When the project is accomplished, companies will be able to track vehicles and their transported goods on site remotely through connected sensors. They will have the possibility to monitor the operation and production data of their machines remotely as well with the sensors to be placed on their production lines and machines, giving opportunities for training and consultancy services.

Photo of Mr. Nadir Kupeli

“The firms within Eskişehir OSB need a traceable system, from resource management to efficiency improvement, and we are implementing strategies to assure the digital transformation of enterprises in order to fulfill these objectives. Thanks to this IoT facility, we will be able to deliver continuous and prompt service. As a hub for the production and dissemination of information and technology, our top focus is to adapt to rapidly evolving digital technologies and to meet the demands of our companies in this field.”

said Mr. Nadir Kupeli, Chairman at EOSB

“Many Industrial sites, and now EOSB leverage connected IoT solutions to improve their operations, reduce their energy footprint and cut down on maintenance costs. LoRaWAN is bringing great value by its flexibility, efficiency and easy deployment. We are happy to be part of this great IoT project with Midsoft and we are looking forward to bringing our best support to make it a full success”

said Alper Yegin, VP of Advanced Technology Development, Actility & Vice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee, LoRa Alliance

Picture of Alper Yegin
Photo of Mr. Taskin Akkurt

“We would like to express our gratitude for their confidence in and selection of Midsoft for this project. With the infrastructure that will be built as part of this project, it will be very easy to receive data from everywhere in the region, speeding up the digital transformation of all regional industrial groups. This initiative, we hope, will bring numerous solutions to our ESOB neighbors and will improve operations.”

said Mr. Taskin Akkurt, General Manager at Midsoft LTD

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