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Driving Industrial IoT adoption through a strong partner ecosystem

Join our partner ecosystem and start working with our market-leading technologies today. Engage with one or more of our flexible engagement models to make money the way that best fits your go to market strategy.

As a leader in LoRaWAN® , Actility forges partnerships with solution providers having complementary expertise in the IoT value chain. Actility is focusing on delivering increased joint customer value with our partner hardware and vertical applications makers,  IoT vertical solution providers, IoT cloud platforms, and more.   We aim to create value for customers leveraging our ThingPark platform and our partners’ technologies. Together we simplify the adoption of IoT use cases by leveraging the capabilities of our ThingPark platform and our partners’ technologies.

Actility Solution Partners

We have a plan to be successful together!

As our Solution Partner, we are empowering you by helping to proactively take benefit of our ThingPark Products Suite and by emphasizing the value of your products, solutions, or service. Together, we build a portfolio of ThingPark Qualified Solutions that tackle business challenges and focus on key IoT vertical markets, while you leverage Actiliy’s brand & global market reach to accelerate solutions go-to-market. ThingPark is the market leading solution for LPWAN connectivity management, providing reliable & scalable service to over 50 Service Providers around the globe, thousands of enterprises. More than 35000 gateways are connected to ThingPark managing over 20 billion of IoT transactions per year. ThingPark is not just a LoRaWAN network server. It goes beyond connectivity to ensure smooth, secure & scalable deployment of IoT Solutions. It offers you all-inclusive industrial-grade service with 24/7 monitoring, high-availability, and continuous upgrades.

 So, how do you benefit from it?

Actility Solution Partners

>> Extend your market reach and increase your sales

Make your business grow ! Partnering with Actility gives you access to our 70+ channel partners and 50+ operators and service providers across the world, always looking for innovative solutions to deploy. ThingPark Market, our IoT B2B marketplace, provides you with a global online presence to accelerate the adoption of your product, allowing you to ease evangelization for both end-customers & channel partners. End customers looking for high-quality partners benefit from our ThingPark Connected label which certifies that products (devices, gateways, and applications) are correctly integrated on the ThingPark Platform. 

Actility Solution Partners

>> Build solutions faster by leveraging our rich connections to the IoT ecosystem

ThingPark provides you with a dependable foundation to build your solutions and help you focus on your business. ThingPark ecosystem is already rich of hundreds of devices, gateways, applications that you can combine with your product to build E2E solutions. Moreover, our platform makes this integration faster by offering a large catalogue of devices with built-in drivers, cloud connectors to major IoT cloud providers and applications (AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT, PTC’s ThingWorx, Here Tracking, MQTT etc), and qualified LoRaWAN gateways from key manufacturers. The setup of your products is simplified with the implementation of product profiles and decoders. Products can be easily provisioned in just a few clicks. We got rid of all technical complexity.

Actility Solution Partners

>> Gain awareness and benefit from greater brand visibility

Expose your brand & products across ThingPark portfolio. Actility, recently awarded “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, is a proven market leader in LPWAN space with a strong brand. Our ThingPark™ platform is recognized as future-proof, innovative, and scalable. Our partner marketing program will let you benefit from our reputation and market position to gain awareness across our ecosystem & customer base.  ThingPark qualified products also get promoted within ThingPark product catalogs, gaining direct access to thousands of potential customers using ThingPark™.

Actility Solution Partners

>> Expand your value proposition through a joint go-to-market strategy with us

Accelerate you go-to-market by not only building E2E solutions or co-selling with us, but also by including Actility LoRaWAN connectivity in your offer and deliver a complete solution to your customers including sensors, LoRaWAN infrastructure, and applications. For that, use our ThingPark Embedded program. Actility gives access to our carrier-grade IoT connectivity platform to you, the device makers, the industry application providers, the experts, in the most simple and easy way. This program removes  the complexity and allows you to grow and develop at your speed. 

What are the steps to become Actility Solution Partner ?

Figure 1 Actility branded

First, become a Registered Partner

Create an account on ThingPark Community to start your Solution Partner Journey. Then you’ll be able to join our partner program, get your ThingPark-ready gateway, register your product/solution in the Actility solutions catalog. Actility will review and approve your application.


  • Become eligible to expose your products on ThingParkMarket
  • Right to use Actility logo
  • Sales: gain awareness of Actility sales force, Channel partners, customers via our online solutions catalog
  • Get access to Actility solutions catalog and develop new partnerships quicker
Figure 2 Actility branded

Then, grow into a Qualified Partner

Get your product/solution qualified with ThingPark Connected label to ensure interoperability, ease adoption & reduce time to market. 


  • Right to use ThingPark Connected logo
  • Higher visibility of your products on ThingParkMarket
  • Marketing: Press Release, focus on the newsletter, webinars etc.
  • Product exposure in ThingPark Products with your own device profile
  • Get access to our support center – no SLAs.
  • Extended capacity on ThingPark Community up 5 gateways
Figure 3 Actility branded

Finally, culminate by becoming a Premium Partner

Strengthen product integration to ease deployment and define a joint go-to-market. First, develop a ThingPark X IoT Flow Driver for your device, then qualify an end-to-end solution involving your device, define with us a Go-to-Market Plan for the solutions, and let’s launch it together!


  • Right to use ThingPark Premium Partner logo
  • Dedicated Marketing campaign : Social media, webinar, etc…
  • Dedicated sales campaign: Channel partner introduction, lead generation, …
  • Product Exposure in ThingPark as Premium
  • Get access to our support – with SLAs
  • Extended capacity on Community: 10 GWs & 100 devices
ThingPark Community logo

Join the LoRaWAN® Journey! From 0 to PoC in no time

Whoever you are – any type of LPWAN persona, from makers to multi-national operators, Hardware/App/Solution Developer, System Integrator, Vendor, Distributor, Consultant, Academic – our ThingPark Community Portal aims to introduce you to LoRaWAN® and provide you with valuable online resources. With a free access to ThingPark’s services, you will learn and experience LoRaWAN® from basic to advanced levels and develop your complete solution in no time! 

Accelerate your go-to-market by embedding our connectivity offers into your IoT solutions

Actility Solution Partners

OEM type program specifically designed for solution providers

Give your customers what they need: their data. Deploy your solution wherever customers are. ThingPark Embedded enables Solution Providers to include Actility LoRaWAN connectivity in their offer and deliver a complete solution to their customers including sensors, LoRaWAN infrastructure and applications. Actility ensures connectivity is not a blocking point and makes LPWAN connectivity easy & flexible for you.  ThingPark Embedded allows Solution Providers to leverage a flexible approach to LoRaWAN connectivity and to combine public connectivity when available with a private LoRaWAN solution. Solution Providers will route their customer’s data from their device to any cloud or application they choose. Through this network server, Solution Providers also have access to major public networks through the Actility ThingPark Exchange roaming and peering hub.  

  • Embed Actility technology to simplify aggregation and deliver sensor’s data. 
  • Easily create a LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure by deploying pre-staged gateways.
  • Build your infrastructure without limits.
  • Ensure consistent data delivery by leveraging existing connectivity options such as public networks.
  • Gain agility and scalability with a consistent set of tools & services to operate  and manage devices and data delivery sourcing.
  • Capture a hypergrowth market.

Deliver your solution to your customers connecting sensors to applications

Actility Solution Partners


  • ThingPark Exchange allows you to smoothly aggregate traffic into your existing LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure. 
  • 10+ public service providers are now part of the ThingPark Exchange Community. 
  • Private – compatible with ThingPark Enterprise
Actility Solution Partners


  • ThingPark Embedded is the single-entry point to your application making your delivery & operations processes simpler & faster. 
  • Product UX designed to fast-track sensors data delivery to IoT Applications, leveraging a large portfolio of IoT platform connectors and APIs (AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Things Worx, MQTT, …) 
Actility Solution Partners


  • Our device-centric, pay-as-you grow business model allow you to start smoothly and grow with your business. 
  • Leverage ThingPark platform multi-tenancy capabilities to run and operate the service the way you want. 
  • Go beyond LoRaWAN – LTE based connectivity management, Space IoT solutions. 
  • Go beyond connectivity management – Actility’s value-added services like FUOTA and Activation, ThingPark Marketplace

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