Advantech & Actility Webinar

Intelligent Motor Predictive Health Monitoring & Management

Wednesday September 28th 2022

16:00-17:00 (GTM +8 Singapore)


  1. Industrial manufacturers struggle to understand equipment health and its data patterns over time that can help them extend asset life, reduce unplanned downtime, and high maintenance costs.
  2. On-site industrial managers are frustrated by the time they need to invest to monitor the health of their assets in a manual way.
  3. Industrial manufacturers are heavily dependent on external services and outdated cloud software to maintain their equipment and increase productivity.

In this webinar experts from Advantech & Actility will present an integrated  Predictive Maintenance Solution which allows you to analyze data from sensors measuring vibrations frequencies of machines and equipment in order to detect anomalous behaviour , therefore enabling industrial end customers to decrease machines shutdowns and work accidents while increasing performance and safety. 

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