ThingPark FUOTA device update

Update IoT devices in the field to patch bugs, maintain security or activate new features enabling new capabilities

Extend the lifespan of LoRaWAN sensors with Firmware update over-the-air

LoRaWAN networks connect thousands of devices deployed in the field supporting customer applications, and many of those devices may be in remote or inaccessible locations. When devices need to be updated with new software features or security patches, the Actility ThingPark FUOTA server is able to deliver reliable firmware updates using message fragmentation, multicast, forward error correction, and delta-based functions. 

FUOTA is an essential feature of any industrial-grade IoT network

...for Service Providers

need to offer a solution that can update the software embedded in those devices securely, cost-effectively and with minimum impact on network capacity.

...for end users

may want to add new features to their devices or update parameters

...for device manufacturers

may need to deploy software patches to the entire device fleet

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ThingPark product features

Firmware update

Reliable multicast server

Device implementation


Dynamic device management

Secure and reliable file transfer


Campaign optimization

Firmware authentication

Multicast control

Binary file management

Differential firmware upgrade boot loader

Key benefits of the FUOTA solution

Increased device lifespan

With the possibility to update the device’s software, the network operator can ensure that devices deployed can last several years and can cope with the evolution of the LoRaWAN standard and the implementation of new application features

Enhanced security

Being able to patch device software at any time, ensures that even in case of a security liability, device firmware can be securely corrected and used again.

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Easy & reliable updating campaign management

Firmware updates can be delivered in an efficient way through optimizing power consumption of the device, managing the radio capacity of the network with multicast and delta update.

Compatibility with any STM 32 based LoRaWAN end-node

The Actility ThingPark FUOTA solution is able to manage device complexity through error correction algorithms and firmware footprint optimisation for devices with limited computing capabilities

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