ThingPark Wireless:
IoT network platform for operators

The market leading, most complete, powerful and flexible multi-technology LPWA IoT Network platform

ThingPark Wireless is the preferred IoT network platform for Service Providers rolling out LPWA connectivity services

Already powering over half of national LoRaWAN network deployments worldwide, ThingPark Wireless is the heart of your IoT network, enabling secure connectivity, data flow and management from sensors to cloud applications. ThingPark Wireless is modular, and scales easily, enabling Service Providers to monetize connectivity and accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions across multiple industries.


  • Horizontally-scalable core network architecture supporting up to 150K packets/second (up to 1.2 billion devices) and up to 10 million gateways per cluster.
  • Latest LoRaWAN standard compliant: LoRaWAN 1.1. and LoRaWAN 1.0.3.
  • Carrier-grade roaming service.
  • Best-in-class MAC efficiency to optimize network capacity and battery lifetime.
  • Carrier-grade platform reliability (High Availability architecture).
  • Ready to use connectors for major IoT cloud platforms (AWS, IBM, MSFT) and applications.


  • Full set of back-office applications to support onboarding/management of devices, gateways and applications.
  • Comprehensive set of RESTful APIs.
  • Easy troubleshooting of network issues + rich monitoring dashboards.
  • Advanced gateway management.
  • Device lifecycle management (simplified activation, Firmware Upgrade Over The Air - FUOTA).


  • Multi-layer end-to-end security to route sensor data to application servers.
  • At MAC layer: AES128 cryptography supported by LoRaWAN protocol, including data encryption and integrity
  • At transport layer: IPSEC and TLS tunneling options between gateways and core network. TLS between core network and application servers
  • Protection of device's root keys via HSM
  • Integration with standard authentication frameworks


  • Develop IoT connectivity and value added services revenue streams for your customers connecting devices and application to your network with ThingPark Wireless integrated BSS.
  • Geo-redundanct architecture, supporting Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Fully horizontally-scalable multi-cluster core network architecture, each cluster supports up to 150K messages per second (1.2 billion devices), 500K macro gateways and up to 10 million pico/nano gateways.
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Several backhaul options between gateway and core network: ethernet, cellular, satellite, WiFi...
  • Support of heterogeneous network deployments with a seamless connectivity across a mix of macro and pico/nano gateways and optimized traffic routing algorithms
  • Best-in-case Adaptive Data Rate algorithms, leveraging the uplink macro diversity and frame repetition to optimize the device performance, minimize battery consumption and boost radio capacity.
  • Passive roaming, compliant with the latest official LoRaWAN Backend interfaces specification
  • Downlink multicast, optimizing the downlink radio capacity and supporting a variaty of use cases for Class B/C devices
  • Support of all the device classes defined in LoRaWAN protocol: Class A, B and C
  • Compliant with the latest LoRaWAN specifications: LoRaWAN 1.0.3 and LoRaWAN 1.1
  • Managed Customer Networks: ability of the network subscriber to deploy his own gateways with all-you-can-eat billing policy
  • Optimized handling of the device's MAC layer, using cluster-based flexible channel plan management to maximize macro-diversity gains
  • Support all the LoRaWAN ISM bands: Europe and ETSI-compliant countries (EU863-870 and EU433), USA and Americas (US902-928), China (CN779-787 and CN470-510), Oceania and Americas (AU915-928), Asian Cluster (AS923), Korea (KR920-923), India (IN865-867) and Russia (RU864-870). Off-the-shelf regional profiles are supported by ThingPark catalogs to comply with regional regulations (allowed frequency range, duty cycle, LBT, dwell time, TxPower limits...)
  • A rich set of metadata piggybacked with application payloads routed towards application servers in addition to notification response back to the server for each downlink packet transmission request.
  • Tailored set of adminsitrative roles to fit within the organization of a typical Service Provider.
  • Fully horizontally-scalable back-office architecture.
  • Network supervision via alarms, supporting SNMP traps and email notification.
  • Device Manager Application to support device provisioning and monitoring
  • Network Manager Application to support base station provisioning, administration and monitoring
  • KPI Dashboards to ease network monitoring and troubleshooting
  • A set of ThingPark Wireless applications to ease the day-to-day network management activities: Network Survey (radio coverage assessment), Spectrum Analysis (RF scan and reporting to optimize frequency assignment)...
  • Off-the-shelf catalogs to simplify device and base station provisioning
  • Possibility to filter unwanted traffic at base station level to optimize backhaul resources
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) to securely provision the root keys of OTA devices.
  • Software Security Mode (SSM) if a physical HSM is not available, allowing end-to-end encrypted transfer of application payload between the sensor and the application server.
  • Integration with Secure Elements (SE).
  • Several tunneling options between base stations and core network: IPSec and TLS.
  • HTTPS for tunneling interface between the core network and application servers, including security signatures (token-based).
  • Access authentication based on standardized frameworks (KeyCloak).
  • Monthly Usage details Records (UDR) generation by ThingPark back-office UDR Manager
  • Differentiated grade of service in ThingPark Connectivity Plans (Service profiles), to support subscription classes e.g. Platenium, Gold, Silver, Basic...
  • Token bucket to regulate traffic flow (ability to overbill overflow traffic)
  • Specific billing reports for roaming traffic

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