ThingPark Activation for device management

Simplified and secure device activation for all onboarded devices for the manufacturer, the network operators and the end user

ThingPark Activation allows for identification of devices and control access

ThingPark Activation is a service providing simplified and secure device activation for all on-boarded device for the manufacturer, the network operators, and the End User. It removes all pain-points for the device manufacturer by enabling multi operator access. It delivers a unique UI for all JS, same value referencing all JS.

Implementing a secure & streamlined Device Activation process is a real challenge

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Blue positively inclined curve icon a device owner a device manufacturer a LoRaWAN service provider

ThingPark Activation infographics

Simplified device activation for all on-boarded Service Providers and Device Manufacturers

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Truly generic device production: Unique (set of) JoinEUI(s)

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Reduced operational cost for device activation: no secure key transfers

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Focus on connectivity: rely on Trusted Service for security audits

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Activation Service with SE and HSM options: High end Security use cases at optimised cost

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Future proof service: Roaming services, early availability of LoRaWAN 1.1 support and upcoming Alliance items

ThingPark Activation product features

End-to-end security

Device security onboarding

Secure key storage

Facilitator for roaming

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