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Actility provides solutions for growing ecosystem offers on LoRaWAN markets

Actility is at the heart of a thriving customer ecosystem, connecting solutions partners, supporting developers and device makers preparing their LPWA product for market.  
To fulfill our customer’s needs, we developed two complementary commercial offers enabling LPWA market development and expansion: 

ThingPark Market, offering a wide selection of LPWA IoT products provided by highly qualified solution providers worldwide.
Click&Go, offering complete packages to deploy your solution out of the box.

ThingPark Market offers a wide selection of high quality LPWA IoT products provided by qualified solutions providers worldwide.
Whether you are an IoT device maker or a distributor, a complete solution provider, or an IoT connectivity provider, ThingPark Market provides a unique e-commerce destination to promote and monetize your products and solutions to system integrators, developers and enterprises.

ThingPark Market’s innovative business model delivers unique benefits to all participants of the multi-faceted IoT value chain to simplify discovery and e-procurement of IoT solutions, and accelerate their adoption and scaling of IoT across multiple geographies and market verticals.

ThingPark Market also delivers ready to use IoT marketplace as a service to ThingPark Connectivity Service Providers through fully tailored customer branded marketplace services.

Click & Go are complete packages which include devices, gateways, a ThingPark Wireless subscription for a LoRaWan managed network and a subscription to a value-added vertical application (e.g. WmW-hub) to visualize, analyze and process the data of your assets on the partner’s application, accessible via the ThingPark user portal or directly on the partner’s web site (e.g. WmW-hub

The packages come ready-to-use and are simple to install and to monitor. 
No configuration is needed. All hardware is shipped fully configured and activated on the ThingPark Wireless Network. Therefore, you only have to install the hardware on your premises, connect the gateway to the internet and start to monitor your assets on the WmW-hub.

To provide the best user experience, we use single sign on so you can access all applications via the ThingPark user portal, and use the same credentials when you access the partner’s apps directly.