Training resources

TPE01 - Thingpark Enterprise user training

The purpose of this course is to provide learners with

– an overview of ThingPark Enterprise key features and tools

– step-by-step and video tutorials for the key actions involved in rolling out and managing a Low Power Wide Area Network with ThingPark Enterprise

TPE02 - Managing Thingpark Enterprise SaaS deployments

The purpose of this course is to probide learners with tutorials for the actions required to manage Enterprise Network As A Service deployments.

A NaaS deployment consists in providing access to ThingPark Enterprise on a system setup and managed by Actility in its datacenters.

Aiming to provide Distributors/Resellers with relevant input to define organization, process and operating modes to distribute ThingPark Enterprise NaaS

TPE05 - Base station installation, configuration and troubleshoot essentials

The purpose of this course is to provide 

– a description of LRR software installation and administration  steps in order to allow learners to define / perform staging steps prior to network deployment.

– a step-by-step description of a Base Station connecting to the Low Power Wide Area network aiming to provide the essentials to troubleshoot base station connectivity issues.