Actility has proudly launched the first episode of the new Webinar Series – “LoRaWAN® Frontline” – which will be covering the latest and most exciting developments in the LoRaWAN ecosystem, technology, products, deployments and use cases every 3 months.

Watch the replay of our latest episode to get an update on the most interesting IoT and LoRaWAN news delivered to you by our team members and our partners. At Actility, being at the forefront of IoT, we are not only providing today’s most mature LPWAN IoT connectivity platform, but we are driving the global IoT adoption through a rich ecosystem, experiencing progress in all parts of the world. Now, we want to start sharing this knowledge with you on a regular basis.

Watch this first edition of our global webinar series to learn about:

Figure one

The state of LoRaWAN technology in the global market from Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

Figure two

The latest developments in LoRaWAN standards from Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance  

Figure three

The new features & services from Actility & Abeeway, from Aymeric Rambaud & Rohit Gupta, Product Managers at Actility

Figure four

The most relevant benefits of LoRaWAN use cases in Smart Construction and Industry 4.0:

Figure five

LoRaWAN use case implemented by Bouygues Construction, one of the largest global construction groups, explained by Nicolas Lemaire, Cofounder of Omniscient, a startup incubated by Bouygues SA.

Figure six

Use of LoRaWAN-based multi-technology tracking in truck manufacturing in Volvo Trucks plants, explained by Julien Bertolini, IoT Specialist at Volvo Group.

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Omniscient logo
volvo trucks logo
Photo of Julien Bertolini from Volvo group

Julien Bertolini

IoT Specialist at Volvo Group

Photo of Nicolas Lemaire

Nicolas Lemaire

Co-Founder at Omniscient, startup incubated by Bouygues SA

Photo of Olivier Hersent

Olivier Hersent

CEO at Actility

Picture of Alper Yegin

Alper Yegin

Vice-Chair of LoRa Alliance, Director of Advanced Technology Development in Actility

Photo of Aymeric Rambaud

Aymeric Rambaud 

Lead Product Manager at Actility

Photo of Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta

Senior Wireless Product Manager

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