ThingPark Embedded Program
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ThingPark Embedded is specifically designed for solution providers

ThingPark Embedded enables Solution Providers to include Actility LoRaWAN connectivity in their offer. Deliver a complete solution to your customers with sensors, LoRaWAN infrastructure and applications. ThingPark Embedded allows Solution Providers to leverage a flexible approach to LoRaWAN connectivity and to combine public connectivity when available with a private LoRaWAN solution, when necessary. If you are a device manufacturer, industry application provider, or an organization expert in a specific vertical or market segment wanting to build or complete your offer by packaging Actility ThingPark connectivity, then ThingPark Embedded is your solution.

With ThingPark Embedded, you manage the solution,
Your customer gets only what matters:
Its data.

ThingPark Embedded allows Solution Providers to embed an Actility network server to their solution and deploy LoRaWAN gateways anywhere their business requires. Solution Providers will be able to route their customer’s data from their device  to any cloud or application they choose. Through this network server, Solution Providers also have access to major public networks through the Actility ThingPark Exchange roaming and peering hub. 

Deliver your solution to your customers connecting their sensors to their applications


ThingPark Embedded makes it easy to connect your customer’s devices and manage data. Actility solves the connectivity issues while you concentrate on your expertise and your customer’s needs.


ThingPark Embedded grants companies the opportunity to easily create a LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure, deploying ready gateways while ensuring consistent data delivery by leveraging existing connectivity options such as public networks.


Device operations & data delivery sourcing with a consistent set of tools & services which help businesses gain agility and scalability.

Deliver your solution to your customers connecting their sensors to their applications

Why choose Actility?

Accelerate time to market

Flexibility grow at own pace

Expand market awareness

Leverage the Actility brand

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