Cellular IoT

Traditional Internet protocol stacks (TCP-based) include regular keep-alives that fit to “always on” network models. However, being very greedy in terms of number and volume of messages exchanged, they quickly wipe out the benefits of technologies dedicated to IoT like NB-IoT and LTE-M. Get best-in class efficient cellular IoT solutions with SCHC.

Best in class cellular connectivity with SCHC

  • Efficient secure NB-IoT

    Acklio SCHC enables  secure deployments on NB-IoT & LTE-M with +60% measured gains on live deployments.

  • Fix connectivity issues at scale

    With SCHC, the radio is always used as efficiently as possible, which is particularly crucial for devices in suboptimal radio conditions.

Secure and optimized in every way

Improve battery lifespan

From a device perspective, compressing a byte with Acklio SCHC requires 500 times less energy than transmitting it over the network.Acklio extends the life of objects by 20 to 80% depending on use cases.

Solve connectivity issues

SCHC reduces the volume of data and the number of messages sent over the air to the theoretical limit. Then, the radio use is always as efficient as possible – particularly crucial for devices in suboptimal radio conditions.

Get the most out of NB-IoT

Addressing energy efficiency requires a lot of fine-tuning (PSM, eDRX, NIDD), which in turn varies by network and region. SCHC ensures dynamic optimization to always get the best performance from your network.

Boost network capacity

Acklio SCHC helps reduce the load of each device on the network. This way, you can multiplies the number of devices that can be served by the same infrastructure.

Cut connectivity costs

By combining lower data consumption on the user side and higher network capacity on the operator side, SCHC not only lowers the energy impact of a deployment. It cuts the cost of connectivity per device.

Improve reliability

Make good use of the bandwidth freed up by the amount of data saved by SCHC compression, SCHC also includes retransmission and error correction mechanisms.


“Once deployed at large scale, SCHC will unlock a technical barrier that has threatened to stall Internet of Things (IoT) traction by directly addressing the inherent limited throughput and capacity of NB-IoT and lack of Internet Protocol (IP) interoperability of some LPWANs.”

Lorenzo Amicucci
Business Development Manager at Nordic


SCHC optimizations by the numbers

+60% gain on DTLS over NB-IoT (IP & non-IP)

With Nordic Semiconductor and Deutsche Telekom live NB-IoT network by IoTCreators, achieved over 60%reduction in traffic when using SCHC. Scaling up to a commercial network of 1M devices like smart meters, the traffic reduction equals more than 365 GB of data every year. Learn more.

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60%+ gain on secure LwM2M over LTE-M

SCHC improves energy efficiency and network load by reducing the volume of data exchanged. SCHC makes end-to-end security support efficient!
➡️ 20% efficiency gain on LwM2M/CoAP while enabling IP Convergence
➡️ 60% gain on LwM2M / OSCORE / CoAP / UDP / IP.
Read IEEE research paper (Dec 2021)

Efficient and reliable communication

SCHC enables an efficient TCP/IP that fits NB-IoT operations. Indeed, TCP, designed for “always on” connectivity models with keep alive, is at scale way too overly talkative for NB-IoT. Alternatively, Acklio SCHC carries the most optimized and reliable version of UDP/IP, with services equivalent to TCP.

TCP/IP TCP proxy with SCHC UDP/IP Recommended:
UDP/IP with Acklio SCHC
Port Number
Checksum - error detection
TCP Compliance
Reliability - retransmit lost packets
Congestion control
Ordering Packets
Payload compression
(in roadmap)
Efficiency for IoT connectivity
What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

Learn more about the LoRaWAN technology by downloading the Actility “What is LoRaWAN” white paper