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ThingPark Market is open for business, while ThingPark Partner Program accelerates support for Developer Community

Actility, the industry leader in low power wide area networking, and the innovator behind the ThingPark LPWA IoT platform, today announces opening of ThingPark Market, a web based e-commerce platform through which partners in the ThingPark ecosystem can promote and sell their ThingPark Approved products to registered buyers seeking to build LPWA IoT solutions. The marketplace is open to register sellers worldwide today, and will be available to buyers in Europe in November. Global buyers will be enabled during 2017.

“This is a unique opportunity for ThingPark partners to market and sell their products“ says Actility Senior Vice President for Marketing & Digital, Christophe Francois. “The goal of ThingPark Market is to accelerate global market adoption of LoRaWAN and LPWA devices and make it straightforward to put together complete IoT solutions backed by the ThingPark Approved label. ThingPark Market provides global exposure for sellers and immediate availability for buyers.”

ThingPark Market meets a clear business need in the IoT ecosystem. Sellers of devices and applications will be able to shorten their sales cycle, promote and manage their products and services, and have easy access to new sales channels. For buyers, the advantages include simplifying their procurement process through the e-commerce engine, and easy discovery of trusted products and applications thanks to the ThingPark Approved program.

Demonstrating the growing maturity and traction of the ThingPark ecosystem, the Partner program now offers new benefits to developers and device makers. ThingPark Explorers can trial the ThingPark development platform free of charge, connecting a gateway and up to five devices to the ThingPark platform. Developers can also access DX (Developer experience) APIs in an easy to use and customizable Swagger interface to use in their IoT application code. Users are able to self provision and monitor their connected devices in an interactive dashboard.

The Partner program is also launching a number of activities aimed at Developers, including a dedicated online community and developer events such as hackathons and boot-camps. On 31st October, ThingPark will co-animate Low Power Network Boot-Camp for Swisscom in Zurich, Switzerland. ThingPark has also partnered with several start-up incubators in Paris such as l’Usine IO, Le Village By CA, Numa, Ecole 42… to provide an open LoRa network in demo corners called ThingPark Hubs as well as organising meet-ups for testing prototype apps and services. Find out more at:

“With ThingPark Market offering a global ecommerce route to market, and the on-ramp for developers to trial ThingPark and become partners now so easy and so accessible, ThingPark’s position as a business enabler at the heart of the LoRaWAN ecosystem has never been stronger,” concludes Olivier Hersent, founder and CTO of Actility.
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