Revolutionize Safety and Efficiency in Hazardous Environments with the New LoRaWAN-powered Abeeway ATEX & IECEx Tracking Solution

Blogpost – Paris, France – Jan 31, 2024

In an age where technological innovation is paramount, introduction of the Abeeway tracking solution for explosive atmospheres marks a significant milestone. Designed for the Internet of Things (IoT), this kit transcends traditional GPS systems, offering a comprehensive, low-power geolocation solution that ensures the safety of both personnel and assets in explosive environments.

The base kit includes one Abeeway Compact Tracker ATEX/IECEx Zone 2-22  sample. You may add other trackers by ordering them separately as well: Micro Tracker, Smart Badge, and Industrial Manageable Beacon. Each device is meticulously engineered to cater to a variety of safety-critical use cases, thereby revolutionizing how organizations execute their digitalization strategies while conforming to ATEX/IECEx directives. This ensures not only efficient but also safer and more productive business operations.

The Abeeway Tracking Solution provides a range of connectivity options to suit various operational needs. Customers can select a suitable ThingPark Ready LoRaWAN® Gateway, available for different regions (channel plans). These options ensure robust and adaptable connectivity, whether using ThingPark Community, Thingpark Enterprise SaaS or self-hosted.

ATEX, IECEx, and HAZLOC certifications are globally acknowledged, ensuring the safe operation of equipment in explosive atmospheres. These certifications are critical for industries handling flammable materials, ensuring that the devices used meet the highest safety standards.

What sets the Abeeway trackers apart is their battery-powered, diverse form factors, making them ideal for a range of industrial applications. These trackers are particularly essential in industries like oil & gas, mining, chemical, and even cosmetics & pharmaceuticals, where the presence of flammable substances demands stringent safety measures. The Abeeway solution offers a proactive approach to mitigating risks in such hazardous settings.

For example, over 800 Abeeway Smart Badges have been deployed at Mina Justa for real-time personnel tracking, setting a new standard in mining safety and marking a key development in Peru’s mining sector. Similarly, 2,500 workers of Coal India are now equipped with our cutting-edge Smart Badges, enhancing their safety in the dangerous mining environments in India.

The Abeeway trackers  are equipped with advanced technical features like multi-technology geolocation (GPS, Low-power GPS, LoRaWAN, BLE, Wi-Fi), long battery life, and a rich user interface (including SOS assistance), and they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, shifting seamlessly between environments.

Furthermore, the Abeeway mobile tracking application for iOS and Android delivers a comprehensive tracking solution, allowing users to visualize the current and historical locations of multiple assets and people on a map. This is complemented by the Abeeway Device Manager cloud application, which empowers efficient management and testing of your tracker fleet. Bundled with the ThingPark Location Engine, it allows you to streamline the assessment and configuration process.

In conclusion, the Abeeway Tracking Solution is a game-changer for industries operating in explosive atmospheres. Its combination of safety, technology, and ease of use makes it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to enhance their safety protocols and operational efficiency. Start your journey with the Abeeway solution today, and transform your business’s approach to safety and efficiency in complex, hazardous environments.

In our recent webinar, “Hazardous Area Certified IoT Solutions for the Process Industries”, speakers from TotalEnergies, TWTG, Extronics Ltd., Abeeway , and Actility talked about how LoRaWAN gets deployed in oil refineries and mining operations by leveraging IECEx/ATEX-certified products. We invite you to watch the webinar to learn more!

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