Actility Webinar

Energy Optimization through IoT

For Building Management, Utilities, Industrial Facilities

October 19th 2021, 10:00-11:00 CET
duration 1 hour

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There are numerous sources of energy consumption in buildings and the industrial sector, and these can present overconsumption issues which can lead to significant energy expenses. The main challenge for managers of factories, hospitals, offices, ports or airports is to identify where the largest items of expenditure are situated in the building to be able to optimize the equipment.

Three IoT industry leaders – Adeunis, Opinum and Actility joined forces and brought to the market a fully integrated solution to respond to those needs. Using LoRaWAN® the new solution allows to improve energy efficiency by identifying where, when, and how energy is consumed and offering power-saving measures.  It is used to determine the existing energy spending of in-service equipment, through the identification of patterns, and to trigger corrective actions to prevent costly operational spending and optimize energy consumption.

The main benefit of the solution is its extremely easy configuration, as it’s focused on being quick to deploy while not requiring any implementation of heavy infrastructure to operate.

In this webinar, you will learn the challenges and various steps on how to optimize energy usage, you will be demonstrated different real-life use cases, a live solution demo and its great benefits.


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Shmuel Solomon

Your Partner For Digital Transformation – Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility.

Join me on LinkedIn or contact me directly at +33-6-79-27-96-48.

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Louise Baufays

Inside Sales Account Executive

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+32 475 66 82 79

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Luke Carden

IoT Solution provider – Export sales manager.

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Figure one

Energy Monitoring and Efficiency Solution Overview

By Shmuel Solomon

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  • Industrial Energy outlook and challenges.
  • The importance of energy system processes and plant performance.
  • Energy Intelligent Solution – A Truly Integrated Story.
  • A technique and technology dedicated to implementing a successful energy efficiency solution.
Figure two

Collecting Data through Devices 

By Luke Carden

Photo of Luke Carden
Adeunis logo
  • Adeunis & the LoRaWAN environment
  • Services provided along the value chain
  • Energy efficiencies use cases
Figure three

LoRaWAN as an Ideal Connectivity Choice

By Shmuel Solomon

Image of Shmuel Solomon
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  • LoRaWAN network integration and management.
  • LoRaWAN as a leading choice for energy Monitoring, Operation & Management, of a highly scalable network via a simple user interface on Actility’s ThingPark.
Figure four

Data Analysis and Visualization

By Louise Baufays

Photo of Louise Baufays
Opinum logo

Opinum Data Hub is the foundation to rapidly build data-oriented applications to improve operations, engage with customers and generate new revenue from digital products. 

Figure five

Big Industrial Projects Around the World: three case studies

By Shmuel Solomon, Luke, Louise

Photo of Louise Baufays
Photo of Luke Carden
Image of Shmuel Solomon
  • Vietnam: From manual processes to a complete automated energy solutiono: study if a use case deployed on large industrial zone in Vietnam to manage the energy of a 3.300 hectares industrial zone using LoRaWAN.
  • Deployment in Denmark
  • Deployment in France
Figure six

Solution Live Demo

By Shmuel Solomon and Louise Baufays

Photo of Louise Baufays
Image of Shmuel Solomon
  • Shmuel and Louise will walk you through a guided tutorial and perform a live demonstration showing the benefits of an integrated application in a complete end-to-end solution.

Summary Q&A Session

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