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Key Infrastructure and LoRaWAN Network Server features for industrial IoT deployments

How to deploy a reliable network from day one? What are the main caveats and pitfalls ? What are the differences between Open Source and professionally supported LNS solutions ?


The journey from proof of concept to fully functional industrial use case is full of pitfalls. The very high density of sensors and harsh radio environment require extreme care in the network design to meet the stringent requirements for high availability and low packet-error rate.

In this webinar, Actility experts will highlight the critical elements of a LoRaWAN network and provide architecture recommendations as well as detailed checklists to de-risk industrial IoT projects and prevent vendor lock-in.

Often, PoCs which seem to work fine in the lab fail during the scale-up or run phase because the complexity of LoRaWAN ADR, the critical importance of macro-diversity, and the cost of regression testing when upgrading live networks have been overlooked.

In this context, the webinar will explain how industrial LPWAN platforms address specifically these issues and help bridge the gap from lab-tests to zero downtime mass upgrades in the field without generating high overhead costs. Such overheads rapidly become prohibitive when trying to build industrial HA and non-regression testing programs on top of simple open-source network servers.


Photo of David Royet

David Royet

Sales Director South Europe & MEA at Actility

Picture of Lode Van Halewyck

Lode Van Halewyck

Senior Technical Consultant at Actility

Photo of Ramez Soss

Ramez Soss

Wireless Product Manager at Actility


Figure one

Solution Components and Actility Field Experience

  • LNS role and functionalities
  • Gateways and device integration
  • AS integration
  • Value-added services
Figure two

Operational excellence

  • Integrated tools for Network Analysis and Alarms
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Capabilities
Figure three

Deployment architecture

  • Protocol, interface, infrastructure and application security
  • Scaling up vertically and horizontally
  • Critical importance of macrodiversity
  • SaaS vs. On-premises deployment flexibility
Figure four

Non-functional requirements

  • How to select your NS supplier. Considering company’s profile, product development, quality and support.
  • Questions on Open Source versus Professional NS

Summary Q&A Session

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