IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

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Actility at the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

Sustainability and the Internet of Things

Date: 26th October – 11th November 2022

Location: Hybrid event: in-person and virtual
Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center, Yokohama, Japan

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Attend the event to hear from us

The 8th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2022) is the premier event of the Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative. You will find a comprehensive and exciting program that brings the latest developments from industry, the business world, the public sector, and the research community.

The World Forum attracts the most prominent people from across the breath of the IoT ecosystem, the latest news of significant innovations and advances from the academic community, and shared experiences from practitioners and end-users about the successes and challenges of IoT deployments. The World Forum is all about the nurture and promotion of IoT for the benefit of society and humanity. The conference is focused on the betterment of life through the responsible and ethical adoption of IoT technologies, applications, and solutions.

Picture of Alper Yegin

Watch a tutorial by a Technology Leader from Actility:

Alper Yegin, VP of Advanced Technology Development at Actility, and Vice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee at the LoRa Alliance will be giving a remote tutorial on LoRaWAN technology.

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LoRaWAN World Expo

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LoRaWAN World Expo

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Date: July 5th – 7th , 2022

Location: Paris, France

Booth: LoRa Alliance Booth (8.G90)

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We are happy to join the LoRaWAN® ecosystem in person in 2022 at the LoRaWAN® World Expo as Silver Sponsors!

Actility logo green+red
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Join us and industry leaders from around the world, enterprises, device makers, system integrators, distributors, developers, solution providers, educational institutions, IoT alliances, influencers, and many more at the largest global LoRaWAN event of 2022! Network with the LoRaWAN ecosystem, discover new partnerships, meet LoRa Alliance members during the exhibition, create new business opportunities, and learn how your company can advance its IoT solutions to drive ROI.

Find Actility at booth 8.G90 where, as well as all the information you need to know about our company and deployments, you will also be able to discover various live demos!

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E-World 2022

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Date: 21- 23 June 2022

Location: Essen, Germany

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Meet us at the event!

E-world Energy & Water is the place where the European energy industry comes together. Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision makers in Essen each year.

We invite you to meet Actility expert Frank Koopman at the event to learn about ThingPark IoT Solutions. 

Moreover, we invite you particularly to attend the booth of our Partner M2M Germany, Hall 5, stand 213 , showcasing LoRaWAN solutions for Utilities using LoRaWAN and ThingPark Enterprise. 

m2m your wireless competence logo

At the stand of our partner, a metering showcase will be demonstrated live, realized via LoRaWAN. m2m Germany will show various sensors and different possibilities of meter reading as well as other application scenarios. From level sensor to meter reading – from passage sensor to CO2 monitoring.
At the e-world, our partner will be showing solutions for smart metering, sub-metering, smart street light metering and much more.
In addition to sensors, m2m Germany will also present suitable gateway & router solutions, as well as suitable antenna solutions.

m2m Germany is a recognized specialist for industrial M2M & IoT wireless solutions. As a LoRa full service provider, the company implements LoRaWAN infrastructures for energy suppliers, cities and municipalities as well as for industry and agriculture. The focus is on development, system integration, construction of embedded IoT & network solutions and distribution. m2m germany is our LoRa Full service Provider Partner. Learn more about m2m germany:

Photo of Frank Koopman

Contact Frank now to book your onsite meeting to get information about Actility and Abeeway products and services. 

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Embedded World 2022

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Actility at Embedded World

Dates: 21-23 June

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Whether it’s the safety of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency, the Embedded World Trade fair lets you experience the whole world of embedded systems.

We invite you to find our Abeeway expert Florian Sforza at our partner Murata’s booth, where we will be showcasing our Abeeway-Murata Geolocation Module through a demo. 

Murata Logo
Abeeway logo

Murata has designed and manufactured the Abeeway-Murata Geolocation Module (LBEU5ZZ1WL) co-developed with Abeeway, a market leader in low-power combined indoor and outdoor geolocation, an Actility Group company. The low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) location modules are designed to maximize battery life, with superior sensitivity and high flexibility, to build customized low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) tracking devices. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, applications include asset recovery, traceability, inventory management, and theft prevention. 

Packshot of Geolocation module
Photo of Florian Sforza

Meet us at the event!

Contact our experts Florian Sforza and Lode van Halewyck now to get an onsite meeting, if you wish to see the demo or get get any information about Abeeway and Actility products and services. 

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Actility at IoT Solutions World Congress

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Actility at IoT Solutions
World Congress

Date: 10-12 May

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Attend our presentation!

This event showcases the disruptive solutions and technologies that are transforming the industry, and celebrates business and technology executives who are creating powerful competitive advantages. Actility will be speaking at this event represented by Sitha Oum, Senior Project Manager, alongside Volvo, represented by Julien Bertolini, IoT expert at Volvo, presenting:

Photo of Sotha Oum
Photo of Julien Bertolini from Volvo group
Actility logo green+red

Sitha Oum

volvo trucks logo

Julien Bertolini

“VOLVO: A Major Truck Tracking Solution” 

  • May 10, from  13:10 to 13:40, Cybersecurity Congress
  • May 12, from 15:20 to 15:50, Room 1

You will be able to discover all the details on how implementing an innovative truck tracking solution at Volvo factories helps the company improve their work. Hear about the main benefits:

  • Operational costs savings with significantly reduced search time and a gain of operators’ work hours (~200h / year / factory)
  • A better delivery precision (deliver trucks on time to customers)
  • Optimization of the assembly process, with an overview of the parking areas occupancy

You will also be able to hear about all the details and tips on deployments like this one:

  • Important steps to keep in mind to successfully deploy an IIoT solution
  • The main benefits of implementing an IoT LoRaWAN-based tracking solution in factories
  • Understanding key cybersecurity points to leverage in order to build a private LoRa network
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Contact Sitha now if you wish to get an onsite meeting to get  information about Actility and Abeeway products. 


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Murata speaks – Webinar – Uniting bright minds for IoT

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Murata speaks - Webinar

Uniting bright minds for IoT

Supercharge your IoT initiatives with Murata-Spark-NNNCo-Actility's turn-key LoRaWAN® solution for productivity and sustainability

19th May 2022, 13:30 (Sydney time)


The brightest minds in the industry have come together to take you for a ride into a sustainable and productive future!
With the largest LoRaWAN® telecommunication and network providers in Australia & New Zealand, powered by the global provider of scalable IoT connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, discover how Murata x Spark x NNNCo x Actility secured turn-key solution can simplify and accelerate your IoT initiatives for businesses and government, on any device, any network, any platform, anywhere and anytime!
Learn how Murata’s module on Spark and NNNCo’s LoRaWAN® network, powered by Actility is going to enable millions of connected IoT devices to address multiple applications such as smart cities, utilities, logistics and tracking, agriculture and many more!
In this webinar, we will cover:
– The LoRaWAN® landscape & IoT Revolution in Australia & New Zealand
– Hands-on session: How to easily monitor and track  your smart IoT Devices to Murata LoRaWAN® modules
– Insights from a panel of market and technology experts – Spark, NNNCo, Actility & Murata
Date: 19th May 2022, Thursday
Time: 1.30pm (SYD)


Greg Sewell, IoT Sales Lead, Spark New Zealand

Photo of Greg Sewell
Spark logo

Over 10 years’ experience in Project Management and Marketing in the Telecom industry. Leading Speak New Zealand IoT Sales team and inspiring regional customers to develop innovative IoT solutions.

Tony Tilbrook, Chief Technical Officer/Chief Operating Officer, NNNCo
Photo of Tony Tilbrook
NNNCa National Narrowband Network Co logo

Tony is a highly strategic and experienced Technical and Operations Executive with strong technical and business experience and a track record in strategic and planning development, As CTO/COO, Tony leads the design, technical and operational activities at NNNCo. Previously, he was CTO – Design and Construct – at  Superloop.

Sourmack Dabouy, Regional Sales Director, APAC, Actility & Abeeway

Photo of Sourmack Darbouy
Actility logo green+red

IoT evangelist who has been promoting and building support for LoRaWAN technology in the APAC region since 2015. Has 10 plus years’ experience in Technical Sales, Business Development and other roles in the Telecom industry.

Gonzague Fraval, Product Marketing, Wireless Module, Murata Electronics Singapore

Photo of Gonzague Fraval
Murata Logo

Over 10 years experience in Product Marketing, Business Development and Project Management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Europe, ASEAN and Oceania regions. Passionate for new technologies and innovation in the Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Cities, Gonzague is an active contributor collaborating with many IoT ecosystem actors and various business partners, including device manufacturers, network operators, cloud platforms, and other key service providers.

Jaydyn Halliwel, Product Marketing Manager, Arrow Electronics, Australia/ New Zealand

Photo of Jaydyn Halliwel
Arrow Electronics logo

Over 20 years experience in Product Marketing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Australia and New Zealand. Passionate on seeing our Customers achieve their go-to-market plans and working closely with our Suppliers on meeting their expectations and those of our Customers and market place.

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Webinar – February 17th – LoRaWAN: Teknik Özellikleri, Uygulama Alanları, Yeni Gelişmeler

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Actility Webinar

LoRaWAN®: Teknik Özellikleri, Uygulama Alanları, Yeni Gelişmeler

Special webinar edition in Turkish.
"LoRaWAN®: Technical Features, Application Areas, New Developments".


LoRaWAN®, IoT uygulamalarının gerektirdiği az enerji tüketimi ve kilometrelerce uzakla iletişim ihtiyaçlarını aynı anda karşılamasıyla kitlesel (massive) IoT’nin önünü açan bir kablosuz iletişim teknolojisi. Tasarımındaki yüksek güvenlik, açık kaynak ve standart kullanımı, ve 400 şirketi aşan güçlü LoRa Alliance ekosistemiyle, personel takibinden akıllı şehirlere birçok uygulaması dünyada hızla yayılmakta. Lisans gerektirmeyen frekansta çalışma özelliğiyle de bina/kampüslerde kapalı sistem kullanımdan tüm bir ülkeyi kapsama alanı altına alarak abonelik sunan operatör ağlarına kadar örnekleri bulunmakta. 
17 Perşembe Salı günü saat 16:00 de düzenlenecek webinarımızda LoRa Alliance Technical Committee Başkanı Alper Yeğin’in sunumu eşliğinde LoRaWAN teknolojisini daha yakından tanıyacağız: Teknik özellikleri, popüler uygulama alanları, uluslararası pazardaki yaygınlığı, ve teknolojideki en son gelişmeler. Sunumun sonunda ayrıca soru-cevap seansı da yer almakta.

Alper YeginVP of Advanced Technology Development, ActilityVice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee, LoRa Alliance

Picture of Alper Yegin
Actility red and blue logo

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Webinar – Indoor Tracking with LoRaWAN® by Quuppa & Actility

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Actility Webinar

Indoor Tracking with LoRaWAN®
by Quuppa & Actility

Deploying one-size-fits-all Real Time Location System for people and assets,
with testimonies from Favendo, M2M Germany and McCool Controls

Image with 5 logos


Tracking objects indoors presents a lot of challenges, specifically in an industrial environment. When choosing the right positioning technology for your demands, many different factors come into play. While some applications demand pinpoint accuracy, others require more basic knowledge of an object’s presence within a defined space.

On the one hand, Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful engine for various location-based services and applications. It provides accurate and real-time positioning data for tracked Bluetooth®-enabled devices, by using advanced proprietary algorithms. On the other hand, Abeeway long autonomy devices allow continuous usage for months and years thanks to LoRaWAN® connectivity. Our partnership with Quuppa allows us to bring seamless positioning principle one step further, leveraging their technology to offer a sub-meter accuracy positioning solution.

Combined with the power of vertical applications such as the ones of Favendo, and implemented by long-experienced IoT solution providers such as M2M Germany and McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E), it allows our industrial customers to benefit from the most advanced low-power asset tracking solution of the market. For example, the integrated Favendo-Quuppa-Abeeway solution is applicable for real-time medical asset tracking in hospitals: the nursing staff spends a lot of time searching for medical equipment in their daily work. Thanks to Abeeway’s compatibility with Quuppa technology this solution can be integrated into an existing HIS and can increase productivity by up to 14% while reducing costs by up to 18%. It will provide a complete overview of the historical usage pattern and real-time location of patients, medical equipment, staff or medications.

In this webinar, discover all the benefits of our technological integration and learn about its real-life implementations that might be applicable to your own business !

Figure one

Expand your business with LoRaWAN and Quuppa RTLS Indoor Positioning & Tracking

By Shmuel Solomon, Partner Manager For Digital Transformation – Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility.

Image of Shmuel Solomon
Actility red and blue logo

Actility and Quuppa have joined their technological expertise for partners and customers to benefit from a one-stop solution offering seamless and high accuracy Indoor and Outdoor tracking. I will explain precisely how the integration of our products provides great added value to end customers: enhancements include making Abeeway’s ATEX certified tags trackable by the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, a one one-size-fits-all technology platform for location-based services and applications. It enables both companies to provide a powerful, versatile, and scalable asset tracking solution for industrial environments, achieving a location accuracy of below 1 meter.

Figure two

Delivering reliable location data in complex indoor and outdoor use cases or hazardous environments thanks to LoRaWAN

By Torsten Amstein, Sales Manager at Quuppa

Photo of Torsten Amstein
Quuppa logo

Quuppa is a horizontal technology provider that in collaboration with partners, such as Favendo, builds customised location-aware solutions for a variety of industries and use cases. Actility, on the other hand, enables Quuppa to bridge the gap between seamless indoor and outdoor tracking. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications. It offers a one-size-fits-all technology solution for tracking tags and devices in real-time with centimetre-level accuracy. The Quuppa System is a reliable, versatile, highly customisable, fully scalable and cost-effective Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution for all industries.

Figure three

Customized hybrid RTLS solutions for every kind of industry: real-life use case

By Stefan Balduf, CEO at Favendo

Photo of Stefan-Balduf
Favendo logo

Favendo’s RTLS platform enables precise indoor positioning and navigation, proximity functions as well as asset and person tracking based on BLE. The integration of Abeeway’s tracking devices and LoRaWAN connectivity guarantees full coverage indoor and outdoor. The partnership provides added value to customers by a seamlessly working tracking solution for companies of any kind of business. Thanks to a standard JSON/REST push/pull API all status and location data generated can either be directly published into third party systems (CRM, ERP) or Favendo’s Asset Tracking Viewer can be used to search and find assets. In addition, Favendo is also a partner of Quuppa and is experienced in planning and installing AoA infrastructures. Being a partner of both Quuppa and Actility, which have now also entered a technological partnership with each other for high-precision indoor outdoor tracking, Favendo delivers unique added value to its customers in terms of hybrid, scalable RTLS solutions.

Figure four

Real-life Use Case: Optimizing logistics for cable drums using Quuppa and Abeeway

By Marius Nickolai, CEO at m2m Germany

Photo of Marius Nickolai
m2m logo

For an energy supplier that maintains a logistics yard where approximately 500 cable drums with different cable types and characteristics are stored, we were looking for a solution to optimize its logistics and reduce time for searching. Given the needed accuracy of 50cm and the further technical requirements our choice therefore fell on the Industrial Tracker from Abeeway. Beside its integrated GPS, it also offers the possibility of tracking via LoRaWAN, WiFi and BLE and delivers the needed precision with its Quuppa integration. Last but not least a special housing was designed for that Use Case, making it the ideal Hardware for cable drum tracking.

Figure five

Making buildings smarter with LoRaWAN-enabled tracking, with Quuppa, Abeeway and Actility

By Eoin McCool, COO at McCool Controls & Engineering.

Photo of Eoin McCool
MC3E logo

As a Smart Building SI we provide and integrate multiple systems and products to provide “turnkey” bespoke solutions for our valued clients. With Quuppa, Actility’s ThingPark and Abeeway end-to-end IoT solutions, we improve their estate efficiency, ensure operational continuity, and integrate legacy buildings and their systems with new facilities expansions. IoT offers alternative mechanisms to make buildings more sustainable and productive. Simple, low-cost sensor devices provide valuable real-time contextualized data: this is a connected building.

Figure six


About Quuppa:

Quuppa is a leading technology provider for real-time locating systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems (IPS). The company was established in 2012 by a team of experienced engineers and scientists as a spin-off from Nokia Research Center and has since successfully commercialised its offering, creating a complete product platform: the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, a one-size-fits-all technology platform for location-based services and applications. Our platform offers companies a complete software suite of tools for planning, simulating and commissioning projects, that can be used as a solid and scalable foundation for building various location-based solutions. The open API makes it fast and easy to take the platform into use. To date, the Quuppa Ecosystem has more than 200 partners around the world who use Quuppa’s open, versatile and reliable positioning platform to deliver accurate, real-time and cost-effective location solutions to companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security. For more information, please see

Quuppa logo

About M2M Germany:

As a specialist for M2M and IoT solutions, m2m Germany GmbH has been supporting its customers for more than 14 years in the implementation of digitalization projects and sees itself as an”enabler” of new business models and opportunities such as Big Data and Co. The technical focus is on modern wireless technologies such as LTE, Bluetooth, LoRa or NB-IoT. M2M Germany can rely on many years of experience from development and research projects and accompanies its customers from the idea to project planning, prototyping and series development up to after-sales service.

m2m logo

About Favendo:

Since 2014, Favendo has made a name for itself as a provider of mobile tracking and navigation solutions for indoor environments. With its solutions, the company ensures smooth wayfinding and people tracking on cruise ships, among other things, and has also already equipped airports, football stadiums and sports arenas in Germany. Together with Ströer, Favendo is responsible for the first nationwide beacon rollout in Germany. The partner network already includes Phoenix Contact and the lighting service provider Trilux. Favendo is also a partner of the ArubaEdge program.

Favendo logo

About McCool Controls & Engineers

McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E), established in 1991, is an innovative Master Systems Integrator with over 30 years of industry experience. As Smart Building Systems Integrators (SI), McCools offer their customers in Ireland and across Europe “turnkey” Smart Buildings Solutions including:

Geolocation Services


Building Management Systems

HVAC Controls

Smart Lighting

Energy Management Systems

Smart Building Apps

Occupant Room Apps

Indoor Mapping

Room/Desk booking

Cloud Based AI & Data analytics

Systems integration

The company’s success is based on innovation and has led to significant growth in Ireland and Germany. They have successfully delivered many prestigious and large-scale projects in commercial real estate, medical, education, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, data centers and many other industries.

MC3E logo

About Actility   

Actility is a world leader in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure. The vast majority of nationwide LoRaWAN® network service providers (over 50) and hundreds of companies trust ThingPark™ all over the world. Through its subsidiary Abeeway, Actility also provides patented ultra-low power tracking solutions. ThingPark Market offers the largest selection of interoperable IoT gateways, devices and applications to simplify and accelerate deployment of use cases.  Contact us here:

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Enlit Europe – vows to light the spark that will fuel the change we need to ensure our industry

Join-event-Enlit social image

Actility is at

Enlit logo

Enlit Europe - Milan, Italy

30th November – 2nd December

LoRa Alliance Booth (8.G90)


Enlit vows to light the spark that will fuel the change we need to ensure our industry – and our planet – have the brightest possible future.

Enlit is a series of energy events unlike any other – because they are more than just energy events. Enlit is a community that for 365-days a year will collaborate and innovate to solve the most pressing energy-related issues.

At the European edition, the Enlit community will come together on our online platform and for three days in Milan from 30 November through to 2 December 2021 (join us), to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions to take steps forward in the energy transition.

And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Europe’s energy transition.

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LoRaWAN Frontline Webinar – LoRaWAN Roaming and Network Collaboration

Image for Frontline TEX webinar

Actility Webinar Series

LoRaWAN frontiers LOGO

LoRaWAN Roaming
and Network Collaboration


This is the 3rd edition of our “LoRaWAN® Frontline” Webinar Series, dedicated to the latest and most exciting developments related to the LoRaWAN technology, with feedback from the field coming from our guest partners. In this session we will focus on LoRaWAN network collaboration and Roaming, together with Digita, Schneider Electric, API-K, Helium and Kinéis.

The low-cost and low complexity of LoRaWAN technology proved to be a key enabler for its adoption across networks of all types and sizes. While this accelerated deployment of LoRaWAN networks around the world, it also created the need to integrate independent networks to present unified connectivity services to the end-users. Traditional roaming feature manifested itself as “network collaboration” in this ecosystem due to the collaborative nature of the technology and the players. Today one can see a mix of public, private, community, and satellite networks setting up roaming with each other.

In this webinar we will cover the essential features and enablers of LoRaWAN network collaboration with a chance to hear from every possible variety of networks involved.

ThingPark Exchange logo
Figure one

LoRaWAN Roaming Overview (5-10min)

By Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance, VP of Advanced Technology Development in Actility

Picture of Alper Yegin
Actility red and blue logo

Inner workings, unique and powerful features, extra (beyond coverage) benefits, and step-by-step setting up of LoRaWAN roaming.

Figure two

Roaming between public networks (5-10min)

By Ari Kuukka, Vice President, IoT Services at Digita Oy

Photo of Ari Kuukka
Digita logo

Digita is a Finnish provider of digital infrastructure, broadcasting, IoT and private network services.  Digita operates a nationwide LoRaWAN network in Finland. Demand for LoRaWAN roaming is growing both from multinational enterprises as well as solution providers looking to offer their services across several markets. In this presentation we go through various real-life customer cases requiring roaming.

Figure three

Roaming between public and private networks (5-10min)

By Maxime LOIDREAU, IoT Sensors Program Manager, IoT & Digital Offer at Schneider Electric

Photo of Maxime LOIDREAU
Schneider Electric logo

Our mission is to be your digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency. We drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies and end-point to cloud connecting products. Our recently launched “Prisma Set active” offer integrates natively a LoRaWAN communication. To maximize this connectivity, we rely on a hybrid approach of Private and Public network, running a Schneider Electric LoRaWAN Network (including Gateways for Private network) and leveraging nationwide coverage from various Telco in Europe via passive roaming.

Figure four

Roaming between private networks (5-10min)

By Nicolas Sornin, Inventor of LoRa technology and a Shareholder at API-K

Photo of Nicolas Sornin
API-K logo

API-K manufactures and operates a safety solution for outdoor mountain users. This solution uses LoRaWAN as its main wireless networking technology, as such API-K also installs and operates a private LoRaWAN network covering ski resorts and previously totally white areas of the French, Swiss and Italian alps. In a partnership with Veolia, this infrastructure is leveraged to collect commercially deployed LoRaWAN water meters in mountainous areas. The interconnection between API-K and Veolia’s backend is achieved through the Roaming hub.

Figure five

Roaming with community networks (5-10min)

By Mark Phillips, VP Business Development at Helium Systems

Photo of Mark Phillips
Helium logo

Helium Network overview, highlighting roaming integrations and capabilities.

Figure six

Roaming with satellite networks (5-10min)

By Claire Mignonat, Product Marketing Manager at Kineis

Photo of Claire Mignonat
Kineis logo

Kinéis is a satellite operator and global connectivity provider. Offering a unique combination of low cost and low power technologies tailored for IoT supported by a global satellite system, Kinéis enables customers to get visibility over their assets worldwide and accelerate their digital transformation. By getting integrated with the ThingPark Exhange ecosystem, Kinéis makes the satellite network coverage available to any terrestrial LoRaWAN network provider, public or private.

Figure seven

Q&A Session (20-30min)

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Webinar – Smart Water and LoRaWAN

Image for Smart water webinar

Actility Webinar

Smart Water and LoRaWAN

Duration: 1 hour


Water is our most essential natural resource with direct impact to the environment and our quality of life.

Water metering has been the first large scale IoT use case leveraging long range unlicensed spectrum communication, with legacy protocols such as wireless-MBus in use since 2005. This well-established vertical market has been disrupted by LoRaWAN, a use-case agnostic unlicensed low-power networking standard which for the first time made it possible to amortize the network infrastructure over multiple use cases, unbundling the IoT network from metering and other verticals.

As a result, the Water Metering market has expanded to Smart Water. Riding on the success of metering as initial driver to volume, IoT Smart Water now includes a large spectrum of solutions including water quality and security, leak detection, flood prevention and warning, fire hydrant supervision or sub-metering for smart buildings.

This webinar is a unique opportunity to hear about the latest updates on this very dynamic and innovative market, with participation of experts from  Birdz (Veolia Group), RAD, SAFEgroup Automation (SGA), Anian, and feedback from the field on some of the world’s largest and most innovative Smart Water projects.

Figure one

LoRaWAN technology enables IoT network unbundling, a new paradigm for Smart Utility infrastructure

By Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

Photo of Olivier Hersent
Actility red and blue logo

The ratio between number of devices and cost of infrastructure is the main driver of RoI for any IoT project. With legacy technologies, this creates a chicken and egg problem that is very hard to solve, requiring “big bang” deployments achieving short term critical mass on a single vertical. LoRaWAN significantly lowers the barrier to entry: unlike mesh networks, deployments do not technically require high density initial deployments, and RoI can be achieved by summing multiple use cases. For local governments and cities, separation of IoT network and vertical use cases also helps prevent long term “lock-in”, an issue that is associated with all legacy metering technologies.

Figure two

Benefits of LoRaWAN smart water management through the review of real-life projects deployments

Pierre Emmanuel Dubois, IoT International Channel Manager at Birdz Veolia

Photo of Emmanuel Dubois
birdz logo

After 13 years of experience in telecom business consulting and IoT, Pierre-Emmanuel Dubois joined Birdz (Veolia group) in 2019 as International Channel Manager. Mr Dubois manages business development for Birdz’s environmental smart solutions. In this section of the webinar, we will review the challenges faced by water suppliers, assess which connectivity networks are best suited for smart water and why, and evaluate the benefits of a smart water program in real-life large-scale deployments. We will show that the Smart Water market now goes much beyond metering, bringing additional RoI benefits to cities and utilities, and providing key infrastructure to enforce the highest water quality and safety standards. 

Figure three

Conserving Water Practice – use case in Australia with RAD

By Rudy Shainer – Global Director of Biz Dev – IoT at RAD And Leor Karp – Lead Engineer at SGA

Photo of Rudy Shainer
RAD logo
Photo of Leor Karp
SGA logo

SAFEgroup Automation (SGA) is a leading Australian provider of control system engineering services. Their client – a City Council in Australia in the South Coast– is using RAD’s gateways and Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise for water and other applications and will present its benefits and main takeways: tank monitoring, water metering, manhole float, council asset monitoring (e.g. Park smart lighting, Garbage bins) and even reading from a Chlorine Analyser.

Figure four

Smart Water as Number 1 use case for Brunei public LoRaWAN network

By Nicolas GUILLOU, Co-Founder & Managing Director at ANIAN SDN BHD – IoT and Telecom solutions

Photo of Nicolas GUILLOU
Anian logo

Anian, a Brunei-based IoT solution provider, is deploying a LoRaWAN network across Brunei, serving the country’s government, universities, and private sector to improve city, environment, and agriculture management, with a focus on Smart Water use cases, such as monitoring river water levels, wastewater pumping stations, and water quality and infrastructure. These solutions are deployed using Actility’s ThingPark platform and the application provided by IoThink.

Figure five


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Webinar – Streamlining LPWAN App Integration by ThingPark X

Image for Streamlining webinar

Actility Webinar

Streamlining LPWAN App Integration by ThingPark X

Turning sensor-specific proprietary binary data to actionable data for application platforms


The LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networking) technologies, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and various satellite-based ones, are already successfully addressing the connectivity needs of Massive IoT sensors: Delivering frames under the harshest radio conditions (consider range and obstacles) while keeping the power consumption and costs at minimum. The next challenge for building end-to-end solutions is the integration of applications running on various devices with the several application platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Cumulocity, etc. 

Binary and proprietary-encoded application payloads emitted by the end-devices are useless for the application platforms unless they are translated into a format and ontology that can be recognized by the latter. Considering the need to deal with multiple devices coming from independent manufacturers, and the need to integrate with a plethora of application platforms creates an exponentially-growing challenge.  

Actility in its mission to scale LPWAN by means of removing various types of integration friction has been tackling this issue with its ThingPark X platform. ThingPark X makes it easy to decode and transform data to enable any device to work with any application platform. 

In this webinar experts from Actility will present and demonstrate the capabilities of ThingPark X. 


Picture of Alper Yegin

Alper Yegin

VP of Advanced Technology Development, ActilityVice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee, LoRa Alliance

Photo of Norbert Herbert

Norbert Herbert

Head of Solution Delivery and Ecosystem Integration at Actility


Figure one

ThingPark X Introduction, Alper Yegin

Figure two

ThingPark X Demonstration, Norbert Herbert 

Figure three

Questions and Answers

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Webinar – Key Infrastructure and LoRaWAN Network Server features for industrial IoT deployments

Image for Key LNS webinar

Actility Webinar

Key Infrastructure and LoRaWAN Network Server features for industrial IoT deployments

How to deploy a reliable network from day one? What are the main caveats and pitfalls ? What are the differences between Open Source and professionally supported LNS solutions ?


The journey from proof of concept to fully functional industrial use case is full of pitfalls. The very high density of sensors and harsh radio environment require extreme care in the network design to meet the stringent requirements for high availability and low packet-error rate.

In this webinar, Actility experts will highlight the critical elements of a LoRaWAN network and provide architecture recommendations as well as detailed checklists to de-risk industrial IoT projects and prevent vendor lock-in.

Often, PoCs which seem to work fine in the lab fail during the scale-up or run phase because the complexity of LoRaWAN ADR, the critical importance of macro-diversity, and the cost of regression testing when upgrading live networks have been overlooked.

In this context, the webinar will explain how industrial LPWAN platforms address specifically these issues and help bridge the gap from lab-tests to zero downtime mass upgrades in the field without generating high overhead costs. Such overheads rapidly become prohibitive when trying to build industrial HA and non-regression testing programs on top of simple open-source network servers.


Photo of David Royet

David Royet

Sales Director South Europe & MEA at Actility

Picture of Lode Van Halewyck

Lode Van Halewyck

Senior Technical Consultant at Actility

Photo of Ramez Soss

Ramez Soss

Wireless Product Manager at Actility


Figure one

Solution Components and Actility Field Experience

  • LNS role and functionalities
  • Gateways and device integration
  • AS integration
  • Value-added services
Figure two

Operational excellence

  • Integrated tools for Network Analysis and Alarms
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Capabilities
Figure three

Deployment architecture

  • Protocol, interface, infrastructure and application security
  • Scaling up vertically and horizontally
  • Critical importance of macrodiversity
  • SaaS vs. On-premises deployment flexibility
Figure four

Non-functional requirements

  • How to select your NS supplier. Considering company’s profile, product development, quality and support.
  • Questions on Open Source versus Professional NS

Summary Q&A Session

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Webinar – Energy Optimization through IoT

Energy Mngt webinar Thumbnail

Actility Webinar

Energy Optimization through IoT

For Building Management, Utilities, Industrial Facilities

October 19th 2021, 10:00-11:00 CET
duration 1 hour

Actility red and blue logo
Opinum logo
Adeunis logo


There are numerous sources of energy consumption in buildings and the industrial sector, and these can present overconsumption issues which can lead to significant energy expenses. The main challenge for managers of factories, hospitals, offices, ports or airports is to identify where the largest items of expenditure are situated in the building to be able to optimize the equipment.

Three IoT industry leaders – Adeunis, Opinum and Actility joined forces and brought to the market a fully integrated solution to respond to those needs. Using LoRaWAN® the new solution allows to improve energy efficiency by identifying where, when, and how energy is consumed and offering power-saving measures.  It is used to determine the existing energy spending of in-service equipment, through the identification of patterns, and to trigger corrective actions to prevent costly operational spending and optimize energy consumption.

The main benefit of the solution is its extremely easy configuration, as it’s focused on being quick to deploy while not requiring any implementation of heavy infrastructure to operate.

In this webinar, you will learn the challenges and various steps on how to optimize energy usage, you will be demonstrated different real-life use cases, a live solution demo and its great benefits.


Image of Shmuel Solomon

Shmuel Solomon

Your Partner For Digital Transformation – Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility.

Join me on LinkedIn or contact me directly at +33-6-79-27-96-48.

Actility logo white no tagline
Photo of Louise Baufays

Louise Baufays

Inside Sales Account Executive

Join me on LinkedIn or directly at

+32 475 66 82 79

opinum-white logo
Photo of Luke Carden

Luke Carden

IoT Solution provider – Export sales manager.

Join me on LinkedIn or contact me directly at +33 7 68 02 46 66

Adeunis-white logo


Figure one

Energy Monitoring and Efficiency Solution Overview

By Shmuel Solomon

Image of Shmuel Solomon
Actility red and blue logo
  • Industrial Energy outlook and challenges.
  • The importance of energy system processes and plant performance.
  • Energy Intelligent Solution – A Truly Integrated Story.
  • A technique and technology dedicated to implementing a successful energy efficiency solution.
Figure two

Collecting Data through Devices 

By Luke Carden

Photo of Luke Carden
Adeunis logo
  • Adeunis & the LoRaWAN environment
  • Services provided along the value chain
  • Energy efficiencies use cases
Figure three

LoRaWAN as an Ideal Connectivity Choice

By Shmuel Solomon

Image of Shmuel Solomon
Actility logo
  • LoRaWAN network integration and management.
  • LoRaWAN as a leading choice for energy Monitoring, Operation & Management, of a highly scalable network via a simple user interface on Actility’s ThingPark.
Figure four

Data Analysis and Visualization

By Louise Baufays

Photo of Louise Baufays
Opinum logo

Opinum Data Hub is the foundation to rapidly build data-oriented applications to improve operations, engage with customers and generate new revenue from digital products. 

Figure five

Big Industrial Projects Around the World: three case studies

By Shmuel Solomon, Luke, Louise

Photo of Louise Baufays
Photo of Luke Carden
Image of Shmuel Solomon
  • Vietnam: From manual processes to a complete automated energy solutiono: study if a use case deployed on large industrial zone in Vietnam to manage the energy of a 3.300 hectares industrial zone using LoRaWAN.
  • Deployment in Denmark
  • Deployment in France
Figure six

Solution Live Demo

By Shmuel Solomon and Louise Baufays

Photo of Louise Baufays
Image of Shmuel Solomon
  • Shmuel and Louise will walk you through a guided tutorial and perform a live demonstration showing the benefits of an integrated application in a complete end-to-end solution.

Summary Q&A Session

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LoRaWAN® Frontline Webinar Series – Episode 2 – Edge Computing

LoRaWAN-frontline Webinar image

Actility Webinar Series

LoRaWAN frontiers LOGO

Episode 2: LoRaWAN® and Edge Computing

September 23rd, 2021
Duration: 1h30

Actility red and blue logo
AWS logo
Advantech logo
Factory systemes logo


This is the 2d edition of our “LoRaWAN® Frontline” Webinar Series, dedicated to the latest and most exciting developments related to LoRaWAN technology, with feedback from the field coming from our guest Partners and Clients. In this session we will focus on Edge Computing, together with AWS, Advantech and Factory Systemes.

Cloud-based platforms are great for most use cases. However, cloud is obviously not an option for isolated sites, and more generally there are several situations where cloud needs to be extended by on-premises processing or storage. For example, many industrial use cases require site survivability or deterministic latency. The volume of data can also become a problem for cloud-only: ubiquitous sensor deployments with frequent measurements can quickly generate terabytes of data which becomes impractical and costly to store and process in the Cloud.

Edge Computing extends the capabilities of the Cloud, bringing local resiliency, computation and storage to the Edge of the network, combined with the sensing infrastructure. Edge Computing is the perfect complement of LoRaWAN private networks for On-Prem IoT deployments, particularly for Industry 4.0 and mission critical projects.

In this session, Actility, AWS, Advantech and Factory Systems will present several ready-to-use technical solutions to implement Edge Computing for LoRaWAN IoT networks, illustrated by a variety of Industry 4.0 use cases. You will learn about AWS SiteWise and GreenGrass, Advantech sensing and IPC solution, and hear from Factory Systems why Edge Computing is a must-have whenever you need to integrate wireless IoT with existing legacy industrial fieldbus infrastructure.


Figure one

LoRaWAN & Edge Computing Overview

By Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

Actility red and blue logo

The ThingPark Platform focuses on Industrial Wireless IoT at all scales, ranging from single isolated sites to entire campuses and multi-site deployments. The ThingPark Enterprise platform provides a fully integrated Edge Computing node for Wireless IoT that can be deployed on isolated gateways, industrial appliances or in the cloud. The ThingPark Enterprise platform comes pre-integrated with Advantech industrial computers and sensing solutions, as well as advanced AWS Greengrass-based processing and SiteWise dashboarding and analytics. It also connects seamlessly to on-site ModBus or OPC-UA fieldbus systems. Interfacing with the vast LoRaWAN sensing open ecosystem is facilitated by pre-packaged device profiles and CoDecs that provide actionable data to connected IoT & industrial platforms.

Figure two

Building Industrial IoT applications using LoRaWAN and leveraging Edge Computing

By Mike RohrmoserSegment Lead, IoT Edge Devices and Partner Solutions at AWS

Photo of Mike Rohrmoser
AWS logo

A typical industrial facility has thousands of sensors generating data. With the Industrial IoT, manufacturers, for example, can combine machine data from a single line, factory, or a network of sites, such as manufacturing plants, assembly facilities, and refineries, to proactively improve performance by identifying potential bottlenecks, failures, gaps in production processes, and quality issues before they happen. AWS has broad and deep IoT services, from the edge to the cloud, and is the only cloud vendor to bring together data management and rich analytics in easy-to-use services designed for noisy IoT data. The open source-edge runtime and cloud service AWS IoT Greengrass seamlessly extends AWS to edge devices to act locally on the data generated, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage. Managed services such as AWS IoT SiteWise allow to collect and process industrial data locally and build hybrid industrial applications that work seamlessly across the edge and cloud – all integrated by Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise platform.

Figure three

Building efficient Predictive Maintenance application on private LoRaWAN networks: real-life case study

By Yuan Lee, Wireless Product Sales Manager of Advantech Europe 

Photo of Yuan Lee
Advantech logo

Advantech, as a Global industrial IoT solution device manufacturer, is offering an industrial grade LoRaWAN solution to speed up the adoption of wireless technology in industrial marketplace. The hardware solution includes industrial grade LoRaWAN Gateway (WISE-6610), LoRaWAN Smart vibration sensor (WISE-2410), industrial grade advance LoRaWAN I/O (WISE-4610). Advantech will present its real-life case study from its customer using LoRaWAN and how it allows to build a predictive maintenance application for retrofitting “smart industry” features into brownfield assets. The solution is integrated with Actility OCP ThingPark as “hardware on premise” on private LoRaWAN solution networks, and uses AWS SiteWise to achieve predictive maintenance. 

Figure four

Implementing LoRaWAN Infrastructure & Sensors for End Users: integration benefits and real-life use cases

By Miguel DominguesGlobal LPWAN Solutions Manager at Factory Systemes

Photo of Miguel Domingues
Factory systemes logo

Since 1986, Factory Systemes has been a major European player in the distribution of IT and industrial IoT equipment and solutions, including Advantech‘s hardware and Actility’s core LoRaWAN networkallowing better integration with all objects on the marketenabling them to cover many use cases. Factory Systemes has an extensive range of Industrial IoT objects with over 80,000 IoT objects in production since 2017, managing over 60 industrial sites having their own network with internal decoding and automatic OPCUA, MQTT, JSON and even xls data conversion. 3 different use cases implemented by our Factory Systems teams will be presented: railway infrastructure, airport infrastructure and manufacturing infrastructure.

End: Q&A Session

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Webinar: How to deploy your Indoor Air Quality Management solution using a LoRaWAN® connected Starter Kit

Image for Air quality management

How to deploy your Indoor Air Quality Management solution using a LoRaWAN® connected Starter Kit

Introducing the End-to-end IoT Solution by Actility, Elsys and WMW

Packshot of the Air quality starter kit


Optimization of air quality indoors is essential for more healthy and productive indoor living and working conditions. CO2 concentration is a key indicator of air quality. A High amount of CO2 in the air, means also a high number of aerosols, which increases risks of infection, especially in the Covid-19 context.  Enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) could be as effective in reducing aerosol transmission of viruses as vaccinating 50-60% of the population according to scientific research. 

At this webinar, Actility and our Partners Elsys and WMW will present a complete IoT solution as response to this challenge, its components, use cases and  real-life implementations, and the benefits of LoRaWAN technology when applied to this use case.  You will learn how to easily set up the solution in your building, and which valuable data and insights you’ll be able to quickly get from it.


Photo of Sylvain Pillons
Figure one

Challenges and Importance of Indoor Air Quality

By Sylvain Pillons, VP Partners at WMW-Hub

Impact of bad air quality on cognitive performanceventilation performance, and impacting risks on COVID-19.

Photo of Olivia Ählström
Figure two

Indoor climate sensor, ERS CO2

by Olivia ÄhlströmAccount managing and marketing at ELSYS

Presentation of the ERS CO2, a LoRaWAN sensor for measuring indoor environment and occupancy. 

Picture of Bert Vanaken
Figure three

WMW IoT Business Application 

by Bert Vanaken, Founder & CEO at WMW-Hub

Presentation of the Data Mediation Layer for seamless integration of the LoRaWAN Network to the Application

Image of Shmuel Solomon
Figure four

LoRaWAN network integration and management

by Shmuel Solomon, Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility

LoRaWAN as a Leading Choice For IAQ monitoring, Operation & Management of a highly scalable Network via a simple user interface on Actility’s ThingPark. 

Figure five

Live Demo:

Bert will walk you through a guided tutorial and perform a live demonstration showing the benefits of an integrated application in a complete end-to-end solution.

Image for the air quality live demo
Figure six

Q&A Session

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: LoRaWAN® IoT Solutions and Real-life Deployments.

Image for Air quality webinar

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: LoRaWAN® IoT Solutions
and Real-life Deployments



In the last few years, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has received increasing attention from environmental governance authorities and IAQ-related standards are getting stricter. People spend about 90% of their time in indoor environments, and IAQ has a significant impact on health and quality of life in general. Poor indoor air quality is known to be harmful to vulnerable groups such as children or those suffering chronic respiratory and/or cardiovascular diseases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought IAQ Monitoring to the front stage, as it plays a crucial role in minimizing viral transmission in schools, offices and restaurants. Besides enacting social distancing behavioral change, building owners and operators need to leverage a range of tools and strategies to optimize the operational performance of buildings in order to give their tenants confidence in returning to the workplace safely. Enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) could be as effective in reducing aerosol transmission of viruses as vaccinating 50-60% of the population according to scientific research. Monitoring carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM), and also humidity and temperature, require installation of new sensors in facilities that usually do not have pre-existing wiring for IAQ. Such retrofit installations are greatly facilitated by wireless IoT networks and the fast-growing LoRaWAN standard has become the preferred infrastructure for IAQ monitoring.

At this webinar, Actility and our Partners Veolia, NanoSense, Birdz and Axenova, will present the Internet of Things response to this challenge, covering the most important and reproducible elements: various air measurements, occupancy, relevant thresholds and recommended actions on these thresholds, the added value that can be produced by combining measurements, the existing IoT Solutions from market leaders and detailed examples their real-life implementations, and the particular advantage and benefits of LoRaWAN technology when applied to this use case.   


Photo of Olivier Hersent
Figure one

Air Quality Monitoring in the Context of Covid-19

By Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

Why air quality monitoring is more important today than ever; why LoRaWAN solutions are ideal (wireless, easy to deploy, long-range indoor, high quality, macro-diversity…); LoRaWAN solutions overview for public operators, private networks, OEMs, interfacing with all gateway types and Clouds.

Photo of Leonardo Vazquez
Figure two

Ventilation Management Fighting Covid-19: city implementation examples in Argentina

By Leonardo Vazquez, COO at Axenova

Why ventilation is an essential tool to control the pandemic; how to properly measure CO2 levels; QAIR solution overview and use cases.

Figure three

Guaranteeing a good indoor air quality:


Photo of Mireille Rahmeh


Air Quality Solutions

By Mireille Rahmeh, Technical and Digital Manager at Air Expertise Cluster of Veolia

Veolia Air quality solutions for a better indoor air quality: ranging from monitoring to adapting facilities, throughraising user awarness and engagement, combined with a performance obligation; focus on the new Air Control offer; why the multidisciplinary expertise is important for implementing these IoT and digital based solutions.



Monitoring IAQ in buildings

By Olivier Martimort,  CEO at NanoSense

Presentation of LoRaWAN IAQ/OAQ measurement solutions, Schools implementation feedback, and LoRaWAN vs other architectures. 



Data integration and analysis

By Pierre-Emmanuel Dubois, International Channel Manager at Birdz

Presentation of the IoTDrive and focus on the deployment of LoRaWAN-based IoT.

Figure four

Questions & Answers Session

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Webinar: Using LoRaWAN and Vibration Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

Image for Predictive maintenance webinar

Using LoRaWAN® and Vibration Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance



In order to help manufacturers implement predictive maintenance solutions to anticipate defects in industrial equipment as early as possible, Actility joined forces with industry leaders NKE Watteco and WMW and created an end-to-end IoT Solution for Predictive Maintenance by Vibration Monitoring, using BOB ASSISTANT sensor from NKE Watteco to analyze the vibration and temperature of process equipment, the LoRaWAN Network Server Backend from Actility and the WMW IoT Web/Mobile Application Interface. 

Join our experts at this webinar on the 11th of March at 5pm CET, if you want to get to know all the latest information on our newest solution, the Vibration Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance solution, and learn from some real-life deployments ! 

Combining WMW application together with NKE Watteco sensor on your ThingPark-powered LoRaWAN infrastructure enables industrial end customers to increase performance, safety and decrease machines shutdowns and work accidents. By watching this webinar you will get to know how the solution allows:

  • Detecting machinery anomalous behavior
  • Predicting possible future failures
  • Decreasing machinery shutdowns and work accidents while increasing performance and safety.
  • The solution’s key features, content and deployment
  • Various Smart Industry use cases
Figure one

Introduction: Actility – NKE – WMW

Figure two

Presentation of WMW HUB: one single-centric HMI/UI application dashboard, acts as an end-to-end central control unit for managing the plant operations.

WMW full logo
Figure three

Presentation of the BOB device and deployed real-life uses cases. BOB is a powerful Artificial Intelligence IoT sensor, retrofitted with the industrial assets to constantly monitor their conditions, by Pierre Savary, Export Sales Manager & BoB7Movee Business Developer at NKE Watteco

Figure four

Presentation of ThingPark: Actility Advanced LoRaWAN Network Server to manage device messages and route them to the application interface, by Shmuel Solomon, Channels Sales Manager, Enterprise Products

Actility logo
Figure five

Live Demo of the solution 

Figure five

Q&A (20 min)


About the speakers:

Image of Shmuel Solomon

Shmuel Solomon, Channels Sales Manager, Enterprise Products

Pierre Savary, Export Sales Manager & BoB7Movee Business Developer at NKE Watteco

Picture of Bert Vanaken

Bert Vanaken, Founder at WMW

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